Is it a good idea to buy amps off ebay???


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Obviously the prices are among the best but isnt there a level of risk in buying a product you have never tested or held in your own hands?

There are a lot of people selling audio who seem to be power sellers, that being, they sell A LOT of audio sh1t and get good feedback. However, they sell new for the most part.

Anyone bought a used amp off ebay? Should I avoid buying a used amp altogether or do amps seem to hold their quality after extended (or limited) use? In other words, are amps one of those products that don't have much lifespan and should be avoided if already used?

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I bought my directed 1100d and just recently a jbl bp1200.1... haven't gotten the jbl yet but the 1100d works just fine. basically you want to go with people who have good ratings. if you go with the lower/no rating people you run more of a chance of getting screwed.

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I Bought a slightly used hi-end RF T15004 off e-bay (from a guy with 70+ feedback and a 100% rating). Haven't had it installed yet but it bench tested fine and everything seems in great shape. I'd say make sure they have 30+ or more feedback and 98% or better rating.

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just be cautious, and if ya can, use paypal with buyer protection.
that way if it arrives dead, you covered your backside.

I've goten many good deals from ebay but I have seen several folks get taken, too.

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I am a very heavy ebay'er, i have bought and sold alot of stuff. My experiance and advise to others who ask, is know what your buying. Especally with audio. Sellers all the time mix up products and numbers. They say it is one thing but yet its another. They will also mix up specs. You must have to reaserch the AMP or whatever you want. Know the specs from a trusted company or the products web page. Then when you go to ebay you will know what is the right thing. Do not be hesitant to e-mail the seller, just clear things up. Its just important to know the info.

Other than that i have been on ebay since 1998 and have had one person not pay for an item (but that dont matter because i just relisted it). Thats it, everybody has shipped out what i bought and it has always been as described.

Ebay sellers and buyers are very 'concerned' about there feedback, especally people who own businesses that deal on ebay. So if there is a problem then 9 times out of 10 you will be able to resolve it.

Main thing is to NOT IMPULSE BUY. You will regret it. Many first time ebay users will be over whelmed with the low costs and will see something and buy it with out reading everything. READ EVERYTHING on the screen. All the fine print counts.

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I've been an avid ebayer since 96. I don't even want to think how many 1000's of dollars in bus. both buying and selling I've done. Pat is right FEEDBACK is everything. You want that 100% if you can get it. But there are times that just the disgruntled buyer/seller can't be pleased. Communication is another thing. If you are buying, ask questions. A lot of questions. Treat them just as you would if you walked into a store.
If they don't answer, don't buy.
! little hint, avoid buying from CANADA. unless you are not in a hurry for the prod. It can take up to a month to get something from there. Customs they say is the hold-up.
Used electronics on ebay---I've not had a problem yet. I've bought subs,amps,and eq's. The very first ? I ask if it is not in the desc. Is it guarenteed against DOA. And as I've said, I haven't been burnt yet. I do stay away from the ones that say they haave no way to check it out tho.
Other than that, happy bidding and happy shopping

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Yeah me too, if they say they have no way to test it or not enough time. I wouldnt buy. It more likely means that it doesnt work.
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