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My fuses there are two size 20 (yellow fuses) that go to my amp, they KEEP blowing. The only thing i did was trying hooking up a different amp with the same wires, and a spark flew, so i tried putting the original amp in, and the fuses keep blowing, honestly ive blown like 10 already, WTF am i suppose to do?

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Sounds like you've got a short somewhere. Try disconnecting the speaker wires from the amp and see if you still have the problem.

For future reference whenever I disconnect power wires on my amps I try to disconnect power at the battery first either by removing the fuse there or actually disconnecting things at the pos terminal. Its real easy to "drop" your power wire against the vehicle's chassis which can result in sparks flyin and fuses blowing.



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I had the same problem with my P3001 amp. I disconnected my power wire but not my capacitor, oops, but I put the power in the ground terminal and the ground in the power terminal on accident. After that my amp blew fuses constantly, as soon as I turned the key. So maybe you did that, I dont know, but it sounds very familiar. Jonathan said I might have ruined something called a diode I believe. Maybe that happened to you. Well hope you get it fixed.

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In many amplifiers there is a protective Diode that will prevent the amplifier meltdown of you hook it up wrong (negative to positive, etc). Once that diode is blown, there is a short circuit across your power at the amp. The only solution is to Replace the diode (a few bucks) or cut the diode out. If you have a OHM meter, you can confirm this by placing the leads of the ohm meter on the power and ground (with a good fuse installed) and looking at the ohms. If the meter reads "zero ohms", you have an internal short which may be a diode or a blown power amp IC. Good luck.

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i had that problem a while back...make sure the ground wire and the battery wire are NOT touching at all when u insert the fuse..thats what was goin on with mine i just seperated the wires and i didnt blow anymore fuses

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I had that problem. My ground wire was connected to my positive terminal on my amp and vice versa. FOr some reason my amp isnt labeled on the amp. So i mixed the two up. It only shows in the manual. =/
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