How do i wire these subs to this amp


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Im Wondering how do i wire these subs. I am getting 2 Kicker Comp Vr 10" subs. I am also getting a soundstream xtream xta480.2 amp. The amp is rated 240 X 2 @ 2ohm. I can either get the subs in dual 4ohm or dual 2ohm. I need them wired at 2 ohm to get the right amount of power. I cant bridge the amp. So is there a way i can wire both subs into each channel of the amp so it will be a 2 ohm load. And which ohm subs should i get.

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Get the dual 4 ohm subs and you can bridge that amp. See here. %20amps/XTA%20manual.pdf

Soundstream was just too lazy to put the mono specs on their page, thus the "N/A".

Wire the voice coils in series and then the subs in parallel so it looks like this.

I think you might be better off with that Rub500-1 you were thinking about. Run the voice coils in parallel and the subs as well to get a 1 ohm load. You should get 500 watts out of that amp that way(as opposed to 400 @ 2 ohms), at least at 14.4 volts. I'm fairly sure this amp is just like the Rub501 and is stable to 1 ohm, but you might wanna E-mail Soundstream to be sure. You could go with the dual 2 ohm subs just to be safe, but then you may only be gettin 400 watts. Regardless this amp is a great deal at $120.

I'm not too sure of the Xtsream line's quality. If you were gonna get a Van Gogh I'd say go for it.


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How about this. Maybe i will get a Alpine MRP-M350 amp which is 350 watts X 1 @ 2ohms. This will push 2 kicker comp 12" rated at 150 watt rms each. Should i do this or should i just get one Kicker comp vr 10" and power it with this amp. I would rather buy the 2 Comp 12" and then add maybe one vr 10" later or something in that nature.

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if the amp is rated ar 350 watts X 1 @2ohms and you wire 2 subs parallel will is be 125 WATTS per each sub?
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