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Need Help My subs are mesed up.jeffery8
What size box for 10" vegaAnonymous4
.66 cubic foot sealed, .75 reccomended.Tom5
Need site for box dimensionsAnonymous3
Rookie to it all, and look what I did....i need help03Exploder5
Price of RE MTNapalm8
Premier w5000spldan -poundin down to3
Can't figure out what it is I need in a boxDave Musser1
Explain PolyfillDamien Roberts9
Need help from expertsjohnny lemoine5
Ported requires less power?johnny lemoine7
12W6v2 vs. Kappa Perfect 12D VQ Jonathan5
12W3v2 or Rockfors HX2johnny lemoine11
Fiberglass material lemoine11
Need 1 good 12'' subwooferjohnny lemoine7
My first run-in w/ the new Term-Labs.....ouch!GlassWolf15
For glass - vmax vs. shivaGlassWolf5
JL 12w7 in Wrangler... Sound horrible!!! HelpGlassWolf12
Stereo instalation problem, John, Glass?Nick5
Xant subs?BadAzzBowtie4
JL12W7AND1000/1 AMP BadAzzBowtie6
Which Sub is better?Damien Roberts4
Kicker bandpasssean5
Rockford Subs Stage 1Pat Lorenz3
Need help on box dimensions for Diamond CM3 15'sbrian smith3
Is this combo good?Anonymous20
Need help selecting amp and componentsoaklandraider871
Bypassing dc plug on powered subwooferimpur_1
Fish/glass/john What amp is better Alpine MRD501 or KX600.1Damien Roberts8
15inch comp ported?david hizzle3
Help, i got 2x 6 ohm sub from stero system...jack zheng3
IDmax or RE SX? what would be better?Jonathan6
Trans. Line enclosures? HELP!!!sean6
Sub repair questionGlassWolf2
Does sound deadening work?!?!?!?GlassWolf8
Impedence curves and resonant frequencyGlassWolf12
Jbl301.1 paired with 12'' w3v2Jeffrey D2
Glasswolf can I get an opinion....GlassWolf8
Need help choosingUstasha4
Do these totally sucksean7
What is gonna thump harder??sean6
Kicker comp vr???sean3
Jonathan & Glasswolf - Fane Colosus 18" Subwoofer in a car setup - ...Fishy17
Looking for best subwoofer STERYD1
Need help, subwoofer box design xPara1
CDT vs Image DynamicsJonathan8
Blueprints for custom sub enclosureGreg Belous5
Need ideas on a sub for jbl bp1200.1jeremie boop9
Setup helpkoz2
How about this...koz3
Need advice for subsJim Courtland3
Whats Beter 2 12's and 2 15s or 1 15 subJeremyC16
What shall I doAudionoob133
Elemental designs opinionGlassWolf2
Vocals coming out of subs, not good right?Fishy14
JL W7 12 4 SALEFishy7
Ohm questionBadAzzBowtie6
Few questionsJeffrey D2
Diamond Audio?BadAzzBowtie5
Where go da Bass: '04 Dakota Crew Cab SolutionJeffrey D3
BOX CalculationsGlassWolf2
Eclipse Aluminum box, glass?GlassWolf2
2 12s and 2 15s Best Box for them.matt774
Sub for 03 Ford Rangermatt772
I want 2 of these...GlassWolf5
Yes another shiva topic! need help with ampGlassWolf2
Thoughts on plate speakers?GlassWolf19
Powerbase subsGlassWolf2
Is this box good??GlassWolf4
Hey Glass.....Audionoob138
Best way to get good SQ bass from the trunk of my BenzGlassWolf4
18" SUBS... I need info on these, info is hard to find!!!Corbin Williams10
Jl audio vs infinity kappa perfect vs alpine type x vs memphisbig d5
Your Input...ThatGuyYouKnow7
New SubsGlassWolf3
Tarantulas---ring a bell anyoneGlassWolf14
Quick question...jon or glassJonathan9
Whats World Record again?ThatGuyYouKnow8
Everyone, big problem...johnsimms8
Box sizesGlassWolf5
1 or 2 10's?CarlB4
Amp for V-Max's 200$Steven7
Jonathan need your helpJonathan4
Johns whats glasswolf websiteGlassWolf6
Fatmat in my box?GlassWolf11
Has anyone ever tried any of these internet retailers.johnny lemoine8
Which is betteralex isbell7
Glass...jon...port questionFishy4
Aye whats some more websites that have video of subs playingcoola1
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