Does sound deadening work?!?!?!?


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will sound deadening make my system louder or just quieter from the outside? My car rattles a lot outside, but you can't here anything from the inside. And what should I use to deaden the sound... The trunk is the worst part of it!! that thing sounds like it wants to come off.

P.S. why is my system louder with the trunk open?!?!?!?!?

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Sound deadening is for both... PPl use it more for the inside though. They hear something rattle in the inside, and it kills the sound so they put dynamat or anything else. If u wan't ur trunk to stop rattling, well then u can use any expanding foam. I can't remember the exact products, but they are available at your local hardware stores.

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to answer the why your subwoofer is louder when open i personally feel it has to do with sound cancellation try your subwoofer box in different positions you may find it gets louder with the trunk closed and less increase when the trunk is opened

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mine gets louder with the trunk open :\

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check out this link for some ideas of what you can use, and were.

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"why is my car louder with the trunk open?"
read this:

yes sound deadening works if it's done properly.
it reduces metal vibration, which increases efficiency of the system by lowering loss of energy through that resonance.
this in turn makes the system louder in the car, eliminates or decreases roud noise and noise floor from outside the car, and keeps the sound in the car. the best sound damping is spray in lining like lizard skin or rhino lining.
after that would be dynamat type materials, followed by things like expanding spray foams and such used in areas you can't get the mat.

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is fat mat comparable to dynamat glass?

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they all do about teh same thing.
as long as they absorb metal vibration, they're doing their job.
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