Need Help My subs are mesed up.


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I was driving down the road when my sub started rataling so i terned the radio off unill i got home. when i got how i took my subs out to c what it was. and my spider had came unglued.What should i do. It steal has the factory worenty but i would have to seand it in. its a boss sub.or should i try and to fix it. if i try to fix it what would be the best way or do u no of a totorial on how to repare it. Thanks

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well first of all buddy...BOSS pretty much sucks the big one..and i think i'd send it back into the factory cuz.. if you do put silicone or somethin on it hold it back together.. and its still screwed up then the factory prolly isnt gonna take it back and say it was your own fault for putting somethin on i'd just send it to the factory

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Yeah, dont mess with it because it would void the warranty. But if i was you i would get something good. Mabey a Kicker or a RF. I hate to suggest it because i know that is not what you want to hear. But by doing that, you will get years of use rather than the chance of sending it in again.

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I have decided to repar it b/c by the time i send it to them and have it payed for the shiping i would almost have enoght to by a new one.Im going to get new ones once i get the money I am geting 4 of V-Max's and a JBL 1200.1 amp. How would i go about glueing the spider back down to the fram.Thats all that came loss was the spider for the outer rim of the fram.What should i glue it with and how should i glue it.

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Umm send it in, dont waste you time on that crapy P.O.S. sorry boss just blows

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i dont wanna wast my money on seanding it in i payed $52.00 for it and to have it shiped will be almost half of what i payed for it and it just an't worth anothe 20-25 dollors to send it in and i have no gente it will get fixed. Have u ever read there warrenty polices.I just dont wanna throw away money if they arnt going to fix it.

use gorrila glue

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will that hold metal on metal??
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