1 or 2 10's?


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Until I upgrade my car, im not in shape to upgrade my entire electrical system or alternator. So Im making a decision to run only 600w into my subs.

Money isn't too much of an object, I think the power requirements limits it enough.

Im going to stick with a sealed box. Looking for SQ.

Would a higher power 10 be better than 2 smaller 10s? Im looking at the RE SE/Eclipse Aluminum to run at 600w. My 2 10's that im considering are the IDQ/W3v2, and maybe a Koda (though thats expensive for 2)

Id try to go for the IDMAX/Brahma, but I would have to go with around 1 cuft sealed, and I don't know how well that would sound with it. Adire says 700w in a 0.87cuft will max the Brahma, so a bit bigger for 600w, right?. People have suggested 600w in a big ported box for the IDMAX.

I just want to know if the 2 10s would be comparable to 1 10, or is 1 12 really the only comparision with 2 10s

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Ok, if u are looking for sq, i would put the koda's asside, they have GREAT spl, but there is better sq. My guess would be 1 eclipse titanium, they are great subs...

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The Koda was designed to be the best possible SQ driver.

I was thinking of the Ti, but ive heard many people say that the IDMAX beats it in SQ.

That doesn't really answer my question though. Is something like 1 IDMAX 10 going to outperform 2 IDQ 10s? As long as it will have better SQ, and just a little bit less SPL, if any (it has double the power to it, right?) then i'd be happy.

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