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Audiobahn Amps???brady fedro1
How would you set this up? Please help.jeremie boop2
How should i wire my car subs up at home??Large and in charge6
Anyone know what the problem might be?Fishy2
Crunch AmpsAnonymous2
Problem with splx amp keeps going into protected modeColum Flanagan1
Rockford 801xJonathan6
Deck has no sub out or remote turn on...Work with mono amp?koz4
I need an opinion from everyone!!!!!koz4
Wiring helpzacdavis~5
Problem with jl 300/2zacdavis~2
Need some adviceFishy2
Need amp for vegaAnonymous1
Help pleasekoz2
Advise needed please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tyler Hyde15
Are these amps good enoughBerny Ok5
Check out my new system.Jonathan5
US Acoustics 4 x 65 & Dual Coil Subwoofer...MJ Wojciak1
Best Amplifier for the moneyMazdaMan4
Amp hook upsDanny Shegitz1
Quick Question, 2 channels bridged, ohms change?tyson hunt1
Powered to full capability??koz2
Im a newb! i need help!koz2
Amp Protection Light Is Redkoz5
Hide an amp from my wife.......sean s23
Amp to factory head unitMatt White1
2 10' MTX Blue ThunderRyan1
Need some help here.....Andy5
I have a few questions about what will give me more amp optionsDabeast411
Amp blown??brett crowley3
PrecisionPower PCX-250 ??MJ Wojciak1
Amplifier cutting outJonathan Leger4
My Stock HU pre amp or speaker level?Jonathan17
Newb Amp and Sub combo questionsZachary Waddell1
Amp will not power on, but I get +12v at power sourceFishy8
Hookup and amp to a 97 Chevy Luminasean s2
Anybody heard of Niche amps?ptxl10001
What amp??Kyle Cain2
My Battery Died!!!!Pat Lorenz2
What is "rem"?Pat Lorenz5
Performance Technique?Tony Escobar1
What amp to getJohn Forker1
Installing amp , battery issuePat Lorenz3
RockfordPat Lorenz11
Stupid protect button!Jim Buckley5
JBL vs. AudiobahnJoseph8
DLS amps??pacavelizzzz7
Rockford vs mtxJeffrey D4
Maximum wattage help!Jeffrey D2
Peak powerRasheed B21
Ground problem ???Slap Johnson8
When using more than 1 ampAnonymous9
Infinity reference series amps?Jonathan6
WHY IS MY AMP SO HOTT?!?!?!Jonathan Leger29
Bypassing cars amplifier?Steve S.2
Which Brand bettertyson hunt4
Is this enoughDink 911
Building new system thinking ADIRE SHIVA'sJeffrey D8
Suitable ampanaon5544
How would you suggest hooking this up?Anonymous2
Blue Thunder amp Question????Gene Biermann5
Rockford Fosgate 800.2 Problems...Jonathan18
Audiobahn? what do you think?Jonathan5
Neone no anything about JLJonathan14
GOt money to spendvoodooI1
DLS amps anyone herd of em?pacavelizzzz1
Cant audiobahn be just as good as anything else?????Pat Lorenz4
Is this amp worth the $$$$$$$pacavelizzzz5
Is this enoughJarrad3
Got a Orion HCCA 12 inch...Need ampGabe Williamson5
Willem programmer ,FunCard 4/FunCard programmer for salemike1
2 or 4 channel amp?denesto4
Powering two adire shivas???steve4
Need help sub skip when bass hits is it the amp power calvwbus661
Good quality 4x50rms amp?eric thomas7
Please help with wiringAaron Helland7
I have two 12" V-max subs, what kind of amp do i need?Kyle Leduc9
JBL vs KickerMatt Krupp3
Too much bass not enough sound from inside speakersMatt Krupp6
Which one?????BadAzzBowtie7
Dual amp helpJoseph2
Please help me with the remote turn on . . .Pat Lorenz2
Why does my amp cut out?Anonymous4
I need help againmike caldarone9
Random QuestionAnonymous4
Headlights dimmingJonathan10
Optionsben paul william1
Is this enough power??Jeffrey D1
ARW 15koz1
Wiring up my car audiop to my home stereoJarrad1
What type of amp(s) do i need???Rasheed B1
Help with LanzarKwame Danielson2
Due I need a cap?ur mom3
Hi New To Board, Hope You Could Answer Some Amp Questions.Jarrad3
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