Amp blown??


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i have a 1600 watt legacy amp connect to 2 audiobahn 12'' subs. i bought a 1 farad cap one day and did everything the instructions tell u 2 do. i started the car and the subs went but for only a second then the cap died.. im guessing the cap was too small but who cares. anyways... i took the cap off and just wired it directly to the amp like normal and i turned the car on to make sure they worked and it played for like a second and then the bass just kicked in and it went boom boom boom constantly even with the volume all the way down.. like not making any music at freind said that the cap culd of discharged into the amp but im clueless... some help plzz

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get a discman and hook up the rcas to the amp and see if it still does the booms. if it dose not boom then hook your radio up and cheek again. if it booms then its either the rca's or the radio. now if it does boom with the discman then the problem is most likley the amp or the subs. im sorry i couldnt help much but sometimes breaking the problem down into its smaller form makes it easier to solve. it may also be a bad ground. i had that happen to me before

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Username: Integrakid

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yea thanks... i looked at the ground before i put this thread in and it still did it.... hahah the only hting i frogot to tell u was the amp was smoking haha.. im gussing thats a big problem.. i hope its not the subs
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