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What do you guys think, I ordered all the stuff over the past week. Me and my friend are installing it next weekend (3-day weekend).

I have 1992 Toyota Camry currently, I have all the stock speakers and a BOSS Headunit (Yeah I know, the only reason I bought it was that it had 2 AUX inputs) and have a SIRIUS here-2-anywhere by Kenwood. Since the car recently became mine (my cousin who I shared it with moved out) I decided that it was time for an upgrade. After a severe selling spree on eBay and a couple weeks working for the tech department at school, this is what I came up with.

First, I consulted with my friend who is really good with car audio, he reccomended, I purchased the stuff:

- New Re-engineered 150AMP Alternator (Stock alt was 70AMP)
- Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery
- 200AMP Diode Based Battery Isolator
- 4/8 Gague Wiring, Speaker Wiring, Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Adaptors, and Terminals
- Sony CDX-F7700 Head Unit
- Sony X-300 Auxilary Input Switcher
- Denison IceLink iPod charger/control
- JBL GTO601.1 600W Monoblock
- JBL GTO75.4 4-Channel Amplifier
- 2 JL W3v2D4 12" Subwoofers
- Custom Boxes (Manufactured by my friend to use the least amount of trunk space possible
- 2 Pair JBL GTO606C 6.5" 2-Way Component Systems
- Autostart/Keyless Entry Security System
- Trunk Poppers

I believe that this system is going to kick and will be a substantial upgrade from what I currently have in my car now. I tried to leave room to add mobile video applications in the future. Now I just need to get a body kit and some new paint for my car, then I will be rolling.


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Not bad at all.

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Couple of things I personally wouldn't do.
1) Wouldn't use two pairs of components. Stick with one, save the money and amp power, possibly get better front components. Let the subs vent through the rear deck. I've driven a 93 Camry, they aren't ridiculously loud as far as subs and need the airspace to couple for best results. Also, the stock locations up front aren't the greatest, prepare to add dynamat if you don't use custom kicks. Also be prepared for a side bias(right side to be exact). Kicks would be the best option.
2) I personally don't think you'll need the isolator and additional yellow top in the back(unless you listen with the car off for extended periods of time). This is a situation where you could use a capacitor to gain benefit. Also, it doesn't take a lot to start a Camry, so you could add a deep cycle up front if you want it. It will be more than sufficient to start the car.
3)2 12W3D4's: Personally, I think you should get one 12W6v2 or 13W6v2 and run a ported box(or one better single sub, doesn't matter if it's JL or not). The W6v2 runs off a smaller box than the W3s, and you can easily fit a custom ported box in that Camry's trunk with a minimal loss of space and more SPL and better SQ.
4) Keyless entry and alarm=good idea. Trunk poppers are arguable b/c it could be spent on better audio components.
Not trying to look like an a$$, I'm just giving constructive criticism. My personal opinion is that you should consider better components, and depending on how much your budget is, better amps is well. There's nothing wrong with the JBL GTO comps and amps, but they're kinda on the lower end of the good stuff. Quality over quantity situation. Remember that install is 90% of a SQ application (SPL as well). I'm not just talking about mounting and wiring correctly and dynamatting (though it's very important), I'm talking about location of the components (kicks are best in your situation) and how you implement them (angling of the drivers, tweeter position in relation to mid, etc.). I'm saying this from a standpoint of I used to have a Camry, and HATED, I repeat, HATED the stock locations for a good stereo image. They just have a muddy soundstage and poor, low center image(depends on speakers used, as well). Just offering ideas. Your system isn't bad at all, my main point is I strongly advise you to consider custom kick panels in your installation(or sometime in the future).

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While I love my Camry, it is on its last legs. When I go off to college in about a year my parents will probably give me a 2000 Outback Wagon. I am trying to make as much as possible in this system compatible with the new car (with the exception of the alternator and possibly the security system). I didn't spend more than $150 on a security system and trunk pops, so it was more of a convenice thing (i.e. getting pissed off at pulling the keys out of my pocket and popping the trunk when carrying my backpack, a camera bag, and a laptop bag.) Also I really think a security system is a good idea since I work late in a not-so-nice area.

About the power, I am paranoid about my car not starting. I want to be sure that the power will be there when I park my car in the school parking lot, the snow is coming down at 2" an hour, and the temperature is at -10 below. I just want to get home, not look for a jump. Thats why I wanted the isolator and deep cycle in the trunk, I might add a cap later, but thats optional.

I want to make sure that I have as much trunk space as possible, I carry lots of computer monitors and other big things around and OFTEN flip down the rear seats. I wanted to go with two subs since we were able to engineer some custom boxes with the optimal amount of space (according to JL) and the least amount of useful storage room occupied. (The space between the rear corner of the trunk and the wheel wells + some extra) A big band-pass box would sit in the center of my trunk and would prevent me from flipping my seats down, also, removing the spare tire is not an option, this is a 92' camry we are talking about. I like to retain my cars functionality as a car, not a boombox with wheels.

I am not planning to do much with deadmat/dynamat with this car, maybe in the Outback, also the same point about the custom kicks.

I like this car, but it is just temporary. Two of my stock speakers are clicking and I am getting ticked off. I needed something and this is what I chose.

Anyways everything has been ordered online, no changing stuff now :-).

Thanks for everyones opinions, I will post pictures when I am done.

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I understand totally. Didn't know you needed to flip the seats down, that JL ported(not bandpass) box for the W6v2 could be modified to fit in that location easily. Wheelwells will work well. Camry was just my tech school car, had to drive 2+ hours a day in it (crappy speaker locations didn't last long w/ me, lol). I know what you mean about it being a temp car, mine was a drive it to tech school "keep the miles off the 289 w/ 40k original miles on it" kind of car.
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