Why does my amp cut out?


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ok, i got a MTX RT404 400 watt 4 channel amp. I was using it with my 2 350 watt subs and it worked great. I used about 10 volume or sometimes more on my deck. I recently hooked my 2 rear 9X5 pioneer speakers. that worked great too. now just today i went to turn it on and when the volume gets to about 10 the whole amp cuts out and in. I unplugged the speakers and just ran the subs and it still cuts out and in and out like that. This bugs me. I just spent about 300 bucks on it and it better not be the amp. please. whats wrong. can somebody help me on this?

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check all your connections including rca's out of h/u. since you have disconnected the pioneers do u still loose all sound or just the subs? recheck gain settings on the amp.

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actually i think i found the problem this morning. on the way to work my car died, I found out the alternatoer wire came off and the battery was dying. I havent tried it yet but Im almost positive thats what it was. i was so scared my amp was ruined or somethin, lol.

What do u mean by your amp cut out? Do you mean that the amp turn off and on while driving your car and listening to your system. Because that is happing to me too. DO u think it might be my alternator because my honda 01 alternator model suck. i have a zapco 2.0 going into some infinity sub at 200watt@ 4ohm.
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