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Creative SB live! 5.1 surround cardPaul Millerd2
Help with Projector, Comcast, Receiver wiringMark Sikes8
Anyone know where to buy coxial cable for cheap?James Trelease7
HDMI 2 outs 1 in.David Phillips1
Splicng a mic cable to a female 1/4" cableSal Glako4
Connecting tv (coax), ps2, reciever, vcr?David Massey2
Obscure problem with LCD TV, cables/leads maybe ?william adams3
External Antenna Connector for "Radio Shark"Edward A. David1
Speaker Biwire CableJ Azzy1
Connect PC to RGB Component Input on Plasma Pan TH37PE50Barney Day1
Making your own audio cables!!!Berny4
SACD and DVD audioFrosty5
Good Digital CoAxial Cable Suggestionsroldan sunga9
TRS, TS and RCA jack crisisBerny4
Preamp jumper cablectanaka4
Speaker cable for Bi-WiringStarbucks6
New system--help pleaseBerny5
Componet (y-pb-pr) Y connecter for receiver inputsDavid Massey4
HDMI TV and DVI converter boxAnonymous11
Cobalt Cable vs Kimber CableBerny4
Question about HDMI/DVI.gr8dragon3
Please help! How to convert RF Coaxial to RCA?Anonymous80
Converting RCA jack to Coaxil?harvey ll51
Speaker for Bi-Wiringkamrans1
DVI/PS2/rs232 extendersJune1
Wireless Cable Connection?silesia1
Can I make my Mono TV Stereo?Ryandd3
Vga adaptersamdsamnda1
Kimber KableBerny2
Which cable for amp + ipodBerny2
Cable construction how-toBerny2
Acoustic Research master series cableBerny2
Blue jeans cableBerny2
S Video VS. CompositeBrian Jester115
Max Cable LengthsBerny13
Nintendo Revolution optical audio?Berny3
Power cord QuestionAnonymous2
RF Splitters vs Directional couplersScott Zagata1
Help, audio into SCART, but no soundmarvin Xiao1
Y-cable for s-video?Awanda10
Monster cables vs every other companyBill Collins15
TosLink & Optical CablesScott3
Halo 2/DLP lag solution?Berny2
Speaker Wire Guage SelectionDavid Massey5
Connecting my PS2 to my Projector - Component to VGA connection??Projector Madness1
A dumb questionBerny2
Big Difference between s-video and composite?David Massey2
Connecting LCD monitor to HDTV receiversteve1
How to wire a 15-pin RGB connectoranup10s5
VGA high defination ??Stephen Rao1
New Home wiringPete joseph b3
RF (Coax) - RCA Video onlyAnonymous1
Matching audio outputs/inputshelping out2
Scart (RGB) to Component Cable question.Simon Carter1
Monoprice HDMI switch?John W.1
Audio problem while watching HDJukey2
Can optical audio record multitrack?Tim Turner1
Broken Pin on S-Video Cable (Y-ground)T. G. Warden1
Use Composite RCA cable for Component video?Anonymous1
Should I buy a High Quality composite video cable?Anonymous2
Genesis and atari 2600 hooking upea bissonette1
Composite Video better than Scartdave kelsey3
System control cable for vintage Kenwood receiver?Anonymous3
SPDIF connecting 5.1 to notebook?peepp14
Help setting up PS2 W/half optical?Jukey10
How do I connect 5.1 3 color to a two color Xbox audio cable hookup?Jukey6
Red picture from component hookup to DVD playerByung R. Kim2
PC VGA or DVI out to TV RGB SCARTClare Larnder5
BetterCables Silver Serpent Cables ReviewMike55
Buying new Pan42" HDTV need cable adviceDwayne1
Is it ok if this pin broke? (S-Video cable)Berny3
Digital coax...eric loo1
RCA -> Speaker wire?Max Roma2
Component v Composite Cable Difference???Minority202
Long length HDMI cables....ah which ones?jeff su3
NEED HELP BIG TIME...might be nothingkorso551
Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coaxial cable to RCA connections ? Greg Leonard1
Surround Sound to TV.Nathan Stohler6
Speed Sensor on a Ford Explorer 2002Berny2
Connecting a TV to a Recieverboorns9
Help with SetupJonathan M2
Blue jean cables?Anonymous2
BFA or UST bananasManuel de la Torre1
Digital coax to rca?Anonymous1
Flat speaker wireManuel de la Torre2
HDMI source to DVI InputSteve2
In need of serious help. David Pelletier1
Power cords upgrade myth?Mike7
(How) Can I convert A/V video to component?David Coutts2
Use receiver with TV with no outs?SteelBluePT1
Connecting Phonograph to ReceiverMax Roma2
Component + RCA -> RF Coaxial?William Tafe1
Digital Coax cable to RCA adapter...?londonhogfan1
Speakers to tv Brandon Marthinsen1
Tying wiresMike2
Wire in HTIBRyan Jensen1
Help: My component video is outputting strange colorsxcarcraft3
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