Y-cable for s-video?


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I am going to connect my direct-tv receiver to my dvd recorder (liteon 5005) and to my tv, a 32 inch sharp. Because the s-video output of the recorder is only for use during recording or playback, I have to have a direct connection from the satellite reciever to my tv in addition to the connection from the recorder to the tv.
I want to run s-video from my direct-tv receiver to the dvd recorder, and also to my tv. Unfortunately, the satellite receiver only has one s-video output along with two rca outputs.
Do they make a y-adapter for s-video that would allow me to split the signal coming out of the receiver?

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Check radio shack.

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I've also been looking for an S-Video splitter, though RadioShack doesn't carry anything like it.

I was able to find a cable, which seems to be carried by several suppliers. Here's one:

There is also an adapter-- same concept, but without the cable:


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The S-video Y-adapter is exactly what I have been seeking for two hours on the net and you nailed it and it is very inexpensive at under $7 at cablesforless. Thank you, kind sir.

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I, too, struck out at Radio Shack, and was told by others that:
- "They don't make those any more."
- "We used to carry one - it was about $50!!!"
- (from Radio Shack) "Here; try this $20 switch box." which, upon easy examination, was clearly a SWITCH, not a splitter!

Many thanks! I got exactly what I need for under $10, shipping included.

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Does this work in reverse? I have a TV with only one s-video input to which I want to connect the s-video outputs from both my cable box and my DVD player. Will the splitter let me send signals from two different devices to one input?

no, for that you need a "switch"

Why not use the "switches" built into the cable box and the DVD player? If one is turned off, the other one can send the video signal on the S-Video "Y" Adapter (and reverse).
Like febay item# 5201810920
http://cgi.ebay.com/New-S-Video-TEE-Splitter-Turn-1-SVideo-Port-Into-2_W0QQitemZ 5201810920QQcategoryZ3761QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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A Splitter and a "Y" are NOT the same concept. The "Y" allows sending the signal from two dvd players, for example, to one TV. The splitter would send the signal from one dvd player to two TVs.

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I have a entertainment system that I have connected to my projector but I want to connect cable television to the entertainment system. The problem is I dont have an access on the entertainment system to connect my cable. Is the there a convertor I can use to connect the two?
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