SPDIF connecting 5.1 to notebook?


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Hey guys

I bought this notebook yesterday and I want to connect my creative 5.1 sound system to it, which needs three audio jacks (line in, mic, headph). However the notebook only appears to have 2 plugs (mic In, headphones Out). It does state however, that with a 'SPDIF digital audio out' adapter, 6-way sound is possible.

Anyway, I am not very good at this. So what does this mean? Is there some sort of adapter that I can plug in into my headphones, which gives me an extra audio jack? Or should I take the screwdriver and open it up and implement this 'SPDIF adapter'?

I really have no idea what to do here..

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SPDIF is an abbrevation of Sony/Phillips Digital interface. It allows the dvd audio signal from the dvd playing in the computer disk drive to pass thru (through an optical or some also have a coaxial connection) into your external receiver (for example). The receiver can then be hooked up to a regular 5.1 speaker set.

The best thing probably would be to just get a 5.1 soundcard installed in your notebook, which will give you the three outputs you need in order to hook up your creative 5.1 sound system.

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hey guys,

i bought sonic gear 5.1 room theatre system speakers (1 sub woofer and 5 front, center and rear units) yesterday. how can i connect them to my acer 1682WLMIi notebook as it has only 3 audio jacks (2 line in and 1 line out). i had no trouble with 2.1 speakers..but how do i hook these 5.1's up?

thanks for all hte help in advance.

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you need to get a 5.1 sound card and install it on your notebook. There are many out there just search on the internet as cheap as $15


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Wow, thanks that was really constructive and helpful, anonymous.

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I agree, you're all idiots!!!! Read the original posting you dumb axes(ss)!!!

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TOSHIBA offers a multimedia hub for notebook users who wants 5.1 surround sound to their notebook PC. This also has 4 usb connections to connect a USB keyboard, mouse and printer plus your broadband through RJ45. rvice=UK&ID=000000296c

This is the best and easiest way to get 5.1 surround sound to your notebook!

good louck!



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Try this. I'm not shure.

What you guys want to get is a Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook card. It will slot into your laptop's PCMCIA slot (the big slot in the side, some laptop's have two of them) and will provide you with sufficient outputs to hook up a 5.1, 6.1 or even 7.1 speaker system. Highly rated on the internet for their sound quality.
See here: 10769

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Hey guys, it sounds like your not having much luck with the advice - spdif IS short for Sony Phillips Digital Interconnect Format.

The connection you need to buy is an optical toslink connection which has a 3.5inch jack connection. Here is alink to a page to show you what it is.

When i purchased my Toshiba Qosmio F20, i rang Toshiba and they sent me one free of charge - so ring your laptops manufacturer and ask them if they can help? (worth a shot)

Once you've done that then a standard toslink cable (optical) can be attacthed and then connected to the optical input on your sound systems amp.

Good Luck



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yo dude u gotta use a 3.5mm to toslink adapter, as said sumwhere at th ebottom of the page, all the folk sain buy a sound card, it unlike most laptops supports it natively u jus need an adapter and to switch digital on usin the menus

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dev999999 you should spend more time learning to spell mate !!

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