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Alright here goes. I have 5.1 surround sound for my PC. I want to take it and turn it into surround sound for my TV. My TV has 3 rca jacks. The surround sound has 3 3.5mm jacks (the ones u plug into a sound card on the back of your pc) My buddy turned his 4.1 pc surround sound into TV surround sound, but I have not had the time to speak to him. Anyways, anyone know exactly how to do this? I was informed that just buying some y-adapters at RadioShack could easily fix this, but Id rather not waist the money if I did not have to. Thanks guys!!

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I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do. If you're trying to output your PC's sound to your TV (not sure why you'd want to do this), you'll only be able to hear two of the 6 channels from your PC.

I assume each of the 3 3.5mm jacks has two channels of information. I'm guessing these are L/R front, L/R surround and center/sub. You will only be able to connect one of these to your TV (by using a mini plug to RCA adapter).

What would probably make more sense is connecting all 6 channels to a receiver, so you could play multi-channel sources (like a DVD) on your computer and hear them on your surround system.

Your TV can only do 2-channel stereo, not surround.

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Nope not at all

I dont want my computer to have anything to do with this. Im taking the surround sound from my computer (unhooking it) and want to put it on my TV.

I dont want the computer to have any connection whatsoever with this ordeal at all, all I was saying is that they are surround sound for the computer.

Anyways, I can hook it up to the DVD player, but can only get surround sound on the DVD movies, but not when Im watching television, which is what I really want. Hope this clarifies it, thanks man for responding!!

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You need a receiver with 6-channel pre-outs. You would then hook up the speakers to your receiver's pre-outs instead of your DVD player's 5.1 outputs. Again, your TV only outputs 2-channel stereo, so you will never get "true" surround from your TV, although you can get some cable/satellite channels in Dolby Digital if your set top box has a digital audio output.

The best you can do with 2-channel stereo is apply a surround mode like ProLogic (using your receiver) to the 2-channel signal.

You would still be able to use the surround system for DVDs (or any other source).

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i have a similar problem..... I understand i cannot get true surround sound but i just want my tv to play out tghrough my surround sound tv has the adaquit jacks (audio L/R) ....I have my pioneer reciever set to TV/SAT but still sound comes out of my tv only not through my reciever? What should i do?

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If you have a cable/satellite box, it would be best to connect the audio out from your set top box to your receiver's TV/SAT audio in.

Otherwise, you can connect your TV's audio out to your receiver's TV/SAT audio in. Your TV may also have a speaker setting that should be set to "external" rather than "internal".
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