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If I buy the 3 sets of analog interconnects I need for a SACD/DVD-A player, will I still need the standard audio out from the DVD player to the Receiver? The DVD player is a Marantz DV6600- the receiver is a Pioneer Elite VSX 36tx.

Also any recomendations on buying the pre-made 5.1 cable sets, or should I just go with 3 regular 2 channel interconnects.

Was probably going to with Monster, entry-mid level. This is a $ 500 DVD player and a $ 1200 receiver (when new) so I dont want to drop a ton on cables.

One last question, is there any differencein the audio RCA and the video RCAs, say $30-$50 range.

just loooking for some suggestions.


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DS, do u mean comparing the normal audio RCA/ video RCA with those range $30-50 ?

My answer will be YES. Quite significant :-)

Blind also can differentiate it (anyway, blind has no problem in listening) hehhe.

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Do some reading here and you can decide which way to go with cables.

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Mainly wanted to know if I still need the digital audio out from my DVD when I go with the 5.1 audio. I wondered if I would still need the digital for when I play CDs'.

Also, I am not comparing out of the box cables, I was just looking at Monster, Kimber, etc. and wondered if anyone knew of somewhere with a grat deal.

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DS - you have a choice of either letting the DVD player do the decoding duties, or letting the receiver do them. If the DVD player uses higher quality parts, use the three sets of RCA's and the external decoder inputs on the AVR.

For CD, again...same choice. The DVD player will have a mixed two channel RCA output. If the DAC's in the DVDP are better than the receiver, then feel free. The 6 channel discrete output will not cover you for 2 channel stereo (ie - no, the 3 RCA's will not cover you for both multichannel and stereo simultaneously). This has been my experience at least, it's possible it could vary with different DVD players.
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