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THX monster cable v.s. monster cableE. Ramsey11
Digital Component Video Cables?E. Ramsey4
Connectivity limitations and workaroundsCraig Chambers2
RCA red/white any difference?Berny2
Monster Thugs!Nm22855
Do I need equal speaker cable lengths when wiring?E. Ramsey3
Is there ANY difference in quality of optical cables?Anonymous4
Existing coax: RG-6 or RG-59???johnathanZ2
How long is too long?Little Ricky3
Speaker cablesLester2
Can I use both the Optical & Coax digital Inputs?tyler t19
Convert Basic Cable Signal For Surround Sound SystemBerny2
Xbox hd pack cables vs monster cablesBerny2
Attaching RCA jack to wire?Lester2
Optical cable produces sound lagTheoldman8351
Data Cable for Audio cable?Berny5
Separate cables for BI-WIRE, with B&W DM601 S3 and Marantz SR6300 (...Berny3
Digital coaxial splitter- does it exist?kyle r5
My Early Toykyle r5
Which cables do I use?Berny4
Composite to component?Berny2
RCA cablesBerny2
Speaker wires and RCA wiresjohnathan Z.2
Question on speaker connectorsLester2
Anyone know about Mogami cables?iskeptici4
Opinions Sought-Best Connection (F connect 2 RCA or RCA 2 RCA)Anonymous2
JPS Labs Ultra conductorFabian Tan1
Digital Coaxial Cable Splitter (A/B switch) ?Dave Neath1
Speaker wire guageBerny2
Need Help with Stereo Hookup...Anonymous4
Component Video with S-Video?Willie81
Do they make DVI/HDMI cable for Xbox?poopydong2
Monster versus monsterjun1
Subwoofer cable troubleChristopher Lee1
A few monster cables: your experienceLatino_spink3
No Color - Help!Justin Postuma4
Are some component cables not progressive compatible?Berny3
Cable Buying tipsChris McMahon1
RF out from Tivo to Digital Coax in on Receiver?Chris McMahon2
RCA to exposed speaker wire?Chris McMahon2
Build RF Cable to SNES! Its Possible?Chris McMahon3
Hooking up digital cable box?Chris McMahon3
Component same as S-video on Grand Wega LCD ?Chris McMahon2
Component Connection ProblemChris McMahon2
Component CablesChris McMahon2
Where to get a 7.1 wall plate?Anonymous6
Kenwood system control SL16VCan1
Inexpensive RCA cables for subwoofer?Chris McMahon3
Can I use existing "F" coax cable for digital audio?Chris McMahon2
Can you put an adapter on Coax for better video quality?Chris McMahon4
Remolding a room and questions about wiring(both speaker & electric...Chris McMahon2
Convert S-Video to HD15pin(VGA)cable for projector?Chris McMahon5
Converting to American tvChris McMahon2
Component Video Cable Help.Mark Nibbelin8
Can I use compsite cables to hook component jacks?Berny2
Need a cable for my JVC GR-DVL355 camcordernyasha3
Question on Monster CableBerny3
Coax Vs Optical.. could this be the answer?Berny2
Problem with distanceBerny2
'F' Coaxial CablesUltima_Squall1
Brand New System Set up help (PC to Amp cabling help)kevin sharp1
Rf coax connectionsJon Bruce Dean1
Problem With "OnDemand"I Thad2
Interference with component cablesBob Youmans10
Monster vs. RCA Brand CablesGrizzly6
Do I need special IC cables for SACD/DVD-A?Arnold Layne4
Which speaker cable to lower the clarity of a nad/wharfedale 8.4/qe...Berny2
Using std coax as component video cables1st613
S-Video or Optical cable to DVI -- Is it possible?Michael Khain2
"Monster" Cable Company Tries to Scare Small Vintage Clothing Busin...Victor Petrucci1
Speaker wire connectors?Franklin Kentaro Wit2
Will a Cable TV Amplifier Help Picture?Anonymous15
AR's Microflat Speaker Wire need help...Josh Feldman2
Need some advice on midlevel cablesBerny4
Newb Q: RF modulator questionDaniel Soria2
Component Video in grey tonesHoward1
RCA (Red White) to Dolby DigitalNolema2
Newbie: Howmuch should speaker cables costAnonymous2
Sony pj multi adapterAngus Shaw2
12v timer on car stereoBerny2
Bad progressive scan signal over component vidoe cabledavid forrest5
Component video VS. 15 pin RGBMitchellS1
Properly tying two stripped wires?J. Vigne4
Combining Inputs, Crazy or Not?Anonymous2
Analysis Plus Oval 12 Cornelius3
Help connecting the following system: Clay Mallory1
My speakers have an amplified RCA input?Joe M.1
Connecting computer sound card to a receiverAnonymous1
Is a DVI cable a DVI cable...........Steve Got Jobs2
Which speaker connector to use?Arnold Layne12
Transparent CableMichael1
Paradigm Monitor 5's bi-wired -- commentsChicobiker1
Problem splitting CoaxialJohn Rager6
DIY: s-video to rca cable...?Anonymous2
Old cable hookupDustin Rouan1
Need comments on belden (89259) DIY speaker cablesnewcomer1
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