Attaching RCA jack to wire?


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I am trying to install a pair of wall-mounted RCA jacks, connected by cables running through the walls. When I attach the wires to the inside of the RCA jacks and then connect the system, I get a buzzing sound. I have tried grounding the outside part of the jack, but to no effect. However, if I connect the outside part of one jack to the inside part of the other, the buzzing stops and the system seems to work. What is going on here? If I connect the outside and inside of two of the jacks, am I losing the stereo ability of the system? I feel like attaching an RCA jack to a cable should be simple, but I can't find any online tutorials anywhere. Please help!

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My first thought would be you have a short somewhere. Perhaps a stray strand making contact where it shouldn't.
Are these RCA's running line level or speaker level?
And what kind of wire is in the wall?
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