Can I use both the Optical & Coax digital Inputs?


My receiver has both an optical & coax digital audio input. I'd like to use the optical for my DVD player (which has only an optical out) and the digital coax for my digital cable box (which only has a digital coax out). Can I do this and will the reciver distinguish the signal and know which to use?

Presumably your receiver has different video selections (DVD, video1, video2, etc) on the front panel right?

You can assign one video selection to the optical and a different one to the coax. Then you'll switch sources on the receiver based on whether you're watching DVD or digital cable. The receiver will then decode the assigned digital input for the source you've selected and "voila", b1tchin' audio.


I have the Onkyo Ht S-650 and subscribe to digital cable. However my AT&T cable box does not have any digital (coaxial or optical) or even "S" video outputs for that matter.
How can I get digital sound through my receiver? Best I have been able to get is Dolby Pro Logic II.
IS any better sound possible?
Thanks for any help


Without a true digital cable box (having a coaxial or toslink DD connection) DD information is not going to happen for you and your present PL, PLII, or Logic-7 if LEX or H?K is the best your going do.

If you subscribe to true digital cable, call your cable subscriber/carrier and inquire about true digtal cable boxes they may have/carry. You will still need to hook both the analog and digital connections to the Receiver as not all cable information is broadcast in DD.


Smoothe-007 is right, you're stuck (as I am) with DPLII.

Thanks Geoff & Po-
That was kinda what I suspected. I spoke to the AT & T customer rep & he said they don't yet have any boxes in my area (Colorado) with digital connections yet. He said AT&T has been talking about getting an "S video" one for the past 2 years & so far don't even have that.
Oh well, meanwhile I can enjoy the DVD's in DD & DTS
I find that I prefer listening to VHS & Cable tv with the system set in "stereo" mode rather than Dolby Pro Logic II. Seems like all I get with DPLII is mostly sound from the center speaker and
very little from the front. Is this the way it is supposed to sound? Also playing in DPLII in "music" mode rather than "movie" mode sounds better to me. Does anyone else prefer this as well?

yeah .. it's pretty sad when AT&T provides digital cable but no digital video/audio outputs on the boxes. I have a box that has "S-Video" with a metal strip over it. I presume that's for the future. Now I'm just stuck with a semi-pixelated OK pic. I liked my analog box better.

Quick FYI,
I just connected the digital audio out of my digital cable box to my H/K 525 and was perplexed that I wasn't getting any sound.
To make a long story short; My cable Co. only tx's digital signals on channels 100 and above (movie channels and digital music channels).
So, I use VID1 on my receiver for channels 1-99; I connected the analog audio out on my cable box to the VID1 in on my receiver.
I use VID2 for channels 100-500;I connected the Digital Audio out on the cable box to the VID2 on my receiver.

I have a digital cable box with Coax Out and a DVD with Optical out and I had the same problem with some channels not getting sound. The fix is easier than assigning different video modes to watch different channels. From the cable box, make sure to connect BOTH the Coax and the regular RCA cables for sound. When you're in Video 1 mode (assuming this is what you use to watch tv), just set the input as auto. This means the receiver determines where to get the sound from. If a digital sound source is available, it always defaults to that. If not, it goes to the regular. Hope this helps.

The problem with the H/K 525 is there is no auto setting (that I know of; I'll have to look at the manual)
So I have to manually tell the receiver which input to use for sound; either the analog audio out (RCA) or digital out (Coax); all coming from the Cable box.

hi, i got a pioneer VSX 434 Av receiver with SHF9 150W speaker but i noticed without the equalizer the sound is dim what should i do?

please reply to :

i heard some people say if i change to the digital Av recevier with DTS,PL2,neo6...will improve the sound qualitiy???

My dvd player(Philips) and my stereo rcvr(Aiwa) both have digital optical jacks, however they won't accept std. toslink cable. What are the other alternatives I have? Both equipment are approx.3-4 years old.

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what kind of link can it accept?

All I know is that both units(Aiwa and Philips) have optical jacks and no where in their manuals they note cable requirement. Looking at the jacks (back of unit), in seems like it would accept a small optical connector. Is there other type of optical connectors other than toslink type used on entertainment equip?

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Sooznd, chances are you can call your cable provider and request a cable box which has digital audio. Most cable providers carry this option, and it is well worth it in my experience.

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believe it or not the best thing to do is bring your unit or the manual of your units to radio shack. they may be able to help you, because they have all sorts of connector, optical and otherwise.

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The connector is probably a mini-TosLink. See link -

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Bose lifestyle 12 without optical inputs. Can I connect it to TEAC CD Recorder with optical in & out?? Help appreciated as I haven't a bogs!

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can optical run analog sound?
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