Interference with component cables


I just connected Acoustic Research Pro Component Cables to my Samsung Widescreen rear projection TV to my Sony DVD Player.
I am getting a light red stripe about 3 inches wide going vertical down the screen. It is partly transparent but noticeable on dark scenes.
This is not appearing when watching Cable TV.

I am having a similar problem. I just bought a new Kenwood Home Theater system. I have hooked my Toshiba DVD player via S-Video out to S-Video in on my RCA 35" television and now have a moving vertical line through the picture. More noticeable on dark scenes also.

I am having a strange problem that requires some explaining. I have two TV that i have recently purchased. The first is a 36 inch Sharp flatscreen (not flatpanel) and the second is a 27 inch sharp that is the identical model. The 36 in tv is in my house in Duluth MN, while the 27 resides in my Mankato MN apt. the 36 has DVD player hooked up via component video, as does the 27. Both are progressive scan players, however they are different models. The tvs both function perfectly on composite and S-video, however when you switch to component video, the color red flashes aprox every 15 seconds. it does this when the DVD is paused also. it is only the color red. I have exchanged the 27 inch tv for the exact same model, however the problem continues. It does this on every movie I watch and with every dvd player i try. I purchased the tv's from Best Buy, and they have acted like morons refusing to beleive that its happening, and then accusing me of somehow running component video through my vcr in order to "steal" movies.
this is imposible since there is no vcr in either house... is there anything that this could possibly be?

I have the same problem with my 36" Sharp Flat screen tv when connected to a dvd via component cables. Were you able to resolve the problem? If so what did you do? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I was having a similar problem with my 36" Sharp television. I was unable to find a "resolution" per se, but I think the problem may be within the television itself.

*All connections directly to back of television, not through a receiver or any other device.

Setup: Cable box connected to television via S-video, and Toshiba DVD player connected to television via component video

Issue: When watching anything via the DVD, anything colored red is nearly glowing on screen, and every 15-20 seconds the entire screen will tint the color red for a split second, then return to normal. This happens on any disc and even while the video is paused or while in a setup menu.

Resolution: Unplug the cable's S-Video connection in the back of the television while watching DVDs. I know this kinda sucks, but it works and now I have a crystal clear component picture while watching movies without any red flashes or other interference. To test this further, I borrowed a friend's receiver and ran the cable and dvd through it, then component video out from the receiver to the television. This worked without issue, so I'm thinking that for whatever reason the components within the TV just don't like those two cables being in at the same time :\

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Anonymous's suggestion solved the problem with my Sharp 32". I had to move the DirecTV receiver to the composite (yellow connection), it was in the S-Video.
Now my DVD player looks great when run through the composite cables.


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Hi there,
I have a Magnavox 55 inch......I'm also experiencing the same red blemish problem. What I have noticed is doesn't do it when I'm watching animated Shrek, Toy Story...etc. Any other suggestions besides the ones already posted will be greatly appreciated.

I have got a buzz sound on all my speakers when I plug my Pioneer DVD to my Panasonic TV either with the s-video cable, composite or scart. It is quite noticeable and constant buzz. Drives me nuts. Can somebody help me?

Here I am againg, just to add that I tested the scart and there is no buzz. The image is much better with the s-video though. I am still solving this hopefully.

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I have a 15" Sharp Aquos television. It's about a year old and has developed an area about the size of a baseball in the upper right corner which looks as if the contrast or brightness is different there. Any ideas about what's happening here?
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