Connecting computer sound card to a receiver



I am trying to hook up a sound card that I just got to my receiver. The sound card is a Audigy 2 Platinum ZS and my receiver has optical in, coaxial in, and a multi-channel in(6 inputs).

I realize that with this sound card I am unable to receive a 5.1 signal thru the digital outputs unless the signal is natively a dolby signal or something similar. This would work fine for DVDs, but would limit me to 2.1 for games.

So my question is how do I connect the 3 analog outputs on the sound card to the 6 inputs on my receiver. I think I would need to find some combination of standard RCA cables, converters, and splitters but I have been looking for a while now and cant seem to find the right stuff.

Any help would be appreciated.
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