AR's Microflat Speaker Wire need help...


Jason Negrin
Unregistered guest
Bought a spool of Acoustic Research's Microflat Speaker Wire model number HT394.

1. How do you make 90 degree turns with it. (When I folded it, it became too thick to paint over)

2. Which backing do I remove, the white side, or the pink? (it's sticky on both sides)

3. How do you terminate it without the connectors it's supposed to come with. (I bought it online, and it didn't come with the plugs.)

4. If it can't be terminated without the supplied connectors, which ones do I need and where can I get them?

I've tried for weeks to get info out of AR, who is owned by Recoton, who sold it's AR accessory line including wireless and speaker wire to Thomson. None of them can find the product in their databases. They keep telling me to call the other. This speaker wire is still being manufactered and sold. SOMEONE has to support it!!! Does anyone know who?

Any help would be appreciated...

Josh Feldman
Unregistered guest
I don't know how who supports it, but I can tell you how I used it:

1) I made 90 degree turns by doing two folds (one to turn 90 degrees, the second to put the white face out). It does add bulk. The solution is to make turns down by the baseboard. I suppose a bit of wallpaper would help to camouflage - but I didn't bother.

2) I pulled the pink side and kept the white side out because it matches my white paint. I guess if I were going to wallpaper over it I'd pull the white side too so that it would adhere to the wallpaper. If you pull both sides, you'll have a sticky side out facing the room which will gather dust.

3) You terminate it by carefully stripping the plastic away from an inch or two of the wire ribbons at each end, and then bending each wide ribbon in half with a needle nosed pliers. Once it's folded in half use the needle nosed pliers to bend it into a hook shape for screw terminals. If your gear has clip terminals you'll need to buy pin adapters. You'll never get those bulky blades to stay in a clip terminal unless you twist it really tight. The metal is stiff - you'll find it much easer to use if you buy bananas or pins to fit your gear at Radio Shack or Ebay rather than using it bare. Bananas are for gear with a 1/4" round holes. Pins are small, usually angled pins with a little ridge cut into them. They're used for gear with clip terminals (terminals that look like little square holes with buttons you push to open the little metal door that makes the contact).

This stuff is worth the trouble. Most cable with this kind of construction is much more expensive. The sound is quite good and well installed their almost invisible.
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