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Preview: Triangle CAPELLA Are Elegant and Advanced Wireless Speakers

At $2,999, Triangle’s CAPELLA wireless speakers offer a lot of flexibility with support for HDMI ARC, WiSA, Bluetooth, and room calibration.

Triangle Capella Wireless Speakers in Blue on stands lifestyle

Powered speakers continue to be an increasingly popular option for music fans and the French manufacturer, Triangle has been a strong contender in this product category. Previously their Borea BR03 BT wireless speakers earned our Editor’s Choice Award in the under $1,000 category, but Triangle’s new CAPELLA wireless speakers takes things up a few notches in both design and performance.

What is Triangle CAPELLA?

The Triangle CAPELLA is an audio system that consists of a pair of powered wireless speakers and a stereo hub with app that provides connectivity and control. What makes this system unique is its included wireless hub. Each speaker pairs wirelessly to the hub, so only a single wire for AC power is required from each speaker. This enables a more elegant listening setup versus many competing models which require a wire between speakers.

Let’s take a closer look at each component of the system.

The Speakers

Triangle Capella Tweeter

Tweeter: CAPELLA speakers use Triangle’s trademark TZ2530MG Horn Tweeters. The optimization of the phase plug at the output of the horn is designed to improve sound dispersion off the tweeter axis. Equipped with a new 25mm magnesium/aluminum alloy dome, the design promises to offer improved levels of detail retrieval and greater extension in the top end.

Triangle Capella Woofer

Midwoofer: The CAPELLA incorporates a 165mm (6.5″)  mid-woofer driver. The driver features a proprietary membrane made of natural cellulose pulp (TRIANGLE trademark). 

TRIANGLE favors paper cone drivers because of their colorless reproduction, especially in the vocal range.

The Driver is also equipped with a ventilated aluminum chassis and a half-roller suspension made of an assembly of foam and treated rubber. This results in the natural reproduction of vocals and instruments with dynamic bass.

DVAS: To get the most out of the speaker drivers, CAPELLA loudspeakers provide TRIANGLE’s  DVAS (Driver Vibration Absorption System). This is high-density perforated bracing material that is bonded to the driver by a damping material to stiffen the diver/cabinet pair. High-density DVA foam is placed at the end of each internal reinforcement.

This is designed to reduce transducer vibration caused by membrane movement, leaving only a small residual vibration and limiting speaker coloration. 

Triangle Capella Wireless Speaker Brown Bottom Port

Downfiring Vents: In addition to the speaker drivers, the cabinet is elevated on an aluminum base to allow unobstructed airflow around the bass reflex port. This ensures that low frequencies are evenly distributed around the port, while the mid-range frequencies are reproduced at the front.

The internal cabinet structure has been optimized around this port which is flared at both ends. This effectively reduces airflow noise and lowers harmonic distortion.

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This design allows speaker placement in an open space or close to a wall, without compromising performance.

The Cabinet

Triangle Capella Wireless Speakers in Brown

The rounded edge of the cabinet is not only there because it looks good. The front panel supports the speaker diffracts sound waves, which helps to minimize distortion.

The rubber rings used around the tweeter and mid-woofer have an angular geometric structure that helps to reduce edge effects.

The rounded shape of the cabinet edges also deflects the reflected waves outwards, reducing the amount of noise sent back to the listener and improving the overall clarity of the listening experience.

Amplification & DSP

CAPELLA active speakers provide a total power output of 2 x 100 watts. Each driver has its own converter and a dedicated 50-watt amplifier. The included digital signal processor (DSP) constantly monitors the drivers to better support the system’s full capabilities across all frequencies.


The CAPELLA incorporates a digitally controlled crossover. This is designed to support linear frequency response. Bass notes are deeper and better controlled, the soundstage is clearer and more balanced, and the vocals are clearer and more detailed.

Stereo Hub

Triangle Capella Wireless Speaker Black with Stereo Hub Rear

In addition to the speakers, the CAPELLA includes a compact stereo hub that provides all wired and wireless source inputs. 

  • Wireless inputs include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Additional wireless connectivity support includes Airplay, Google Chromecast, and Roon.
  • Wired inputs include HDMI ARC, optical, USB, RCA, and 3.5mm analog stereo.

WiSA Technology

Instead of physically sending audio from the Stereo Hub to the speakers via cables, WiSA technology is used. This is a wireless connection system that supports high-resolution audio to the speakers (24-bit/96Khz) with no perceptible latency. This also provides speaker position flexibility as no cables are needed in the setup between the hub and the speakers.


Triangle Capella Wireless Speaker App

To round things out, a free CAPELLA App (iOS/Android) is provided. This provides users with Room EQ and Manual EQ setting options, as well as working with the Stereo Hub for set up and input selection.

Tip: An RF remote control is also provided. 

Automatic Calibration

Triangle Capella Wireless Speakers in Brown with Room EQ

The Capella App supports Automatic Calibration Technology. This provides measurements that fine-tune your system to listening room characteristics. This is the final step in getting the best possible performance from the Triangle Capella with your listening environment. 

Tip: automatic calibration is available with Apple devices’ built-in microphones, while Android phones/tablets require the use of a Zen microphone ($149).

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Triangle Capella vs. BR03 Connect Wireless Speakers
Triangle Capella (left) vs. Borea BR03 Connect (right)
(aka BR03 Connect)
Speaker TypeActive, Bi-Ampfied, Bass Reflex (down-firing port)Active, Bass Reflex (rear ports)
Power Output2 x 100 watts (4 x 50 watts)2 x 60 Watts RMS Class D
Tweeter 1 x Horn tweeter with 25mm magnesium alloy dome1 x 25mm EFS silk dome tweeter
Mid-Woofer1 x 16 cm Mid-woofer half-roll suspension with natural cellulose pulp membrane1 x 16cm cellulose pulp Midwoofer
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)42 Hz – 22 kHz 47 Hz – 22 kHz 
Stereo HubYes
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth
Wired Connectivity1 x HDMI ARC
1 x USB-B
3 x Optical / SPDIF
1 x Coaxial
1 x RCA Stereo
1 x Aux / Optical 3.5mm
1 x USB-B
1 x Optical
1 x Coaxial
1 x RCA / 3.5mm jack
1 x Phono (Turntable)
1 x Subwoofer Output
BluetoothYes Yes
Apple AirplayYes
Sampling FrequenciesBluetooth: up to 16 bits/48 kHz
Analog sources: up to 24bit/96kHz
Digital sources: up to 24bit/192kHz
WiSA: 24bits/96kHz, latency 2.6 ms
Bluetooth: up to 16 bits / 44 kHz
Audio Format SupportAPE
Apple Lossless (ALAC)
Apple Lossless (ALAC) 
Capella App (Setup and Control)Yes
Automatic CalibrationYes
Speaker Dimensions (WxHxD each)8 x 15 x 12.5 inches
(200 x 380 x 315 mm)
8.1 x 14.2 x 12.4 inches
(206 x 360 x 314 mm)
Speaker Weight (each) 18.75  lbs
(8.5 kg)
16 lbs
(7.3 kg)
14.6 lbs
(6.6 kg)
Stereo Hub Dimensions (WxHxD)2.8 x 1.77 x 4 inches
(70 x 35 x 100 mm)
Not Applicable
Stereo Hub Weight~ 1 lbs
(0.5 kg)
Not Applicable
Finish OptionsAstral Blue
Brown Nebula
Black Star
Space White
Black Ash
Light Oak
Light Oak Blue
Oak Green
Included Accessories1 x Wi-Fi antenna for Stereo Hub
2 x Magnetic protective grilles for speakers.
1 x Power cable for Stereo Hub (3 adapters supplied EU, UK, USA).
2 x Power cables for speakers.
1 x Aluminium radio frequency remote control
2 x AAA batteries for the remote control.
1 x Allen key for remote control battery change.
1 x Registration coupon.
1 x Speaker cleaning cloth.
1 x 3-meter speaker cable to connect the speakers together.
1 x  Power cable
1 x Radio frequency remote control
2 x Magnetic fabric protection grid
8 x Rubber pad
Triangle Capella Wireless Speakers in white lifestyle front

Initial Impression

We found that the Triangle Borea BR03 BT was an excellent, affordable powered speaker option that offered quite a bit for the price, including a dedicated phono turntable input and subwoofer output, but left out some wireless connectivity options, such as Airplay and Chromecast. 

Tech Note: Since we reported on the BR03 BT, Triangle has added both a HDMI-ARC and USB connection to that model at $699 per pair.

The CAPELLA takes things up several notches in design and feature offerings, including WiSA connectivity, but on the other hand, for $3,000 it was a shame they didn’t keep the dedicated phono turntable input or subwoofer output. That being said, the CAPELLA supports more audio format options, a separate stereo hub, more powerful amplification, new speaker drivers, and app control that includes auto room correction.

The Borea BR03 BT might be great for those looking for an affordable second room system, but if you are looking for a main room experience with a compact form factor the CAPELLA might just be the ticket if you have a little extra cash. 

Triangle Capella Wireless Speakers in Astral Blue

Pricing and Availability

Triangle CAPELLA is available for €2,499 and $2,999 (USD) through Authorized Dealers. However, U.S. customers will have to wait until August 2024.

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