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Car Amplifiers

Pioneer GM-6400F and GM-5400T Car Amplifiers


Pioneer Gives GM Series Amplifiers Cosmetic Boost

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. gave two of its car amplifiers, the Pioneer GM-6400F 4-channel and GM-5400T 2-channel, a cosmetic makeover, providing consumers with an amplified car audio listening experience that looks as good as it performs. Both amplifiers were treated with a splash of red on each side of the RCA and speaker terminal inputs for added appeal when displayed in custom installations. The heat sinks (shroud) were revamped utilizing a rectangular shape with a black matte finish to complement the aesthetics of the GM-D8400M and GM-D7400M class D mono amplifiers in the same series.


“Adding an amplifier boosts the overall sound of any audio system in both quality and volume. Pioneer’s two new polished GM amplifiers provide the sonic qualities of more expensive amplifiers for a fraction of the cost,” said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile business group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

Enhanced Design Benefits
The newly designed heat sinks of the Pioneer GM-6400F 4-channel amplifier and Pioneer GM-5400T 2-channel amps ensure maximum heat dissipation due to the sub heat sink placed on top of the main chassis. The corrugated (mesh) allows for more heat to be released when the temperature rises especially in high volume levels to help achieve a constant operating temperature and high reliability. Both amplifiers incorporate a black outer heat sink complemented by a removable brushed aluminum center and a blue LED power indicator.

Although unseen in normal applications, the amplifiers adopt the H-shaped bottom chassis from the top-of-the-line PRS-A amplifiers to eliminate vibrations and resonance caused by constant movement of a car, so the listener better hears the sound delivered by the amp ensuring a richer sound experience.

Both amplifiers feature fixed crossover networks and speaker level inputs enabling the amplifiers to be added to virtually any audio system.

The GM-6400F amp and Pioneer GM-5400T are available for a suggested price of $160 and $200 respectively.

Consumers can choose from six models in Pioneer’s new GM-series amplifier line-up:

  • GM-3300T: 2-channel, 300 Watts (60W x 2, 150W x 1)
  • GM-5400T: 2-channel, 760 Watts (125W x 2, 380W x 1)
  • GM-4300F: 4-channel, 400 Watts (40W x 4, 100W x 2
  • GM-6400F: 4-channel, 600 Watts (60W x 4, 150W x 2)
  • GM-D7400M: mono digital amplifier, 400 Watts and featuring an adjustable bass boost centered at 50Hz, a variable low pass filter between 40 and 240 Hz; and 2-Ohm stability.
  • GM-D8400M: mono digital amplifier, 600 watts and featuring an adjustable bass boost centered at 50Hz, a variable low pass filter between 40 and 240 Hz; and 2-Ohm stability.

All six amplifiers are available at suggested prices ranging from $100 to $300.

Pioneer GM Series Amplifier Specifications

GM-3300T GM-5400T GM-4300F GM-6400F GM-D7400M GM-D8400M
2-Channel 2-Channel 4-Channel 4-Channel Mono Mono
Maximum Output 300W 760W 400W 600W 400W 600W
4 Ohm Power 60W x 2 125W x 2 40W x 4 60W x 4 200W x 1 300W x 1
2 Ohm Power 75W x 2 190W x 2 50W x 4 75W x 4 400W x 1 600W x 1
Bridged 4 Ohm 150W x 1 380W x 1 100W x 2 150W x 2
2-Ohm Stable Yes Yes
Built-in Crossovers 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF/HPF 80 Hz (-12 dB) LPF/HPF 40~240 Hz (-12 dB) LPF 40~240 Hz (-12 dB) LPF
Bass Boost 50 Hz (0/6/12 dB) 50 Hz (0-12 dB) 50 Hz (0-12 dB)
Cast Aluminum Heat Sink Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MOSFET Power Supply Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Class-D Technology Yes Yes
Speaker Level Inputs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RCA Through Outputs Full Range Full Range
Hi-Volt Input 400 mV ~ 6.5V 400 mV ~ 6.5V 400 mV ~ 6.5V 400 mV ~ 6.5V 400 mV ~ 6.5V 400 mV ~ 6.5V
Oversized Power Terminals Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CEA-2006 Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Suggested Price $100 $160 $160 $200 $220 $300
Availability Current Current Current Current Current Current

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