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Integrated Amps & Stereo Receivers

Marantz Introduces MODEL 30 Integrated Amplifier

Exquisitely tuned by the Marantz Sound Master, the MODEL 30 integrated amplifier features a master-curated Marantz HDAM and a fully discrete design for luxurious Hi-Fi purity.

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier and SACD 30n

Modern Stereo Luxury

Marantz today introduced two new hi-fi components for modern audiophiles that pay homage to the brand’s heritage while offering the best possible sound. The duo consists of the $2,500 MODEL 30 Integrated Amplifier and the $2,500 SACD 30n Network Audio Streamer & SACD Player. They are the first Marantz products to launch with the brand’s new industrial design language, celebrating and modernizing signature design elements from legendary Marantz products of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Each was meticulously manufactured in Shirakawa, Japan over the last three years.

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier Front View

The new MODEL 30 Integrated Stereo Amplifier features an all-analog design with a fully discrete two-stage build and independent power supplies for the pre-amplifier and power amplifier. The power supply circuit, designed exclusively for the preamplifier, enables a stable power supply unaffected by fluctuations from power demanded by the power amplifier stage. An oversized toroidal transformer is dedicated exclusively for the preamp to ensure high purity while a double shield steel case is mounted around the transformer to suppress the leakage flux that could generate noise in peripheral circuits.

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier Top View Open

The power supply for the power amplifier stage delivers high current instantaneously to the switching mode amplifier. This ensures maximum control over any connected speakers to follow even the hardest bass attacks and provides clean power for the reproduction of the finest details. The result is absolute signal purity and exceptional audio quality.

Marantz Model 30 Integrated Amplifier Back View

The amplifier also features a moving coil and moving magnet phono stage—complete with Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit and Marantz HDAM technology—for top-of-the-line performance. The Phono EQ stage in the MODEL 30 amplifier can be used with both moving magnet and low-output moving coil cartridges, thanks to a built-in MC head amplifier. Distortion is reduced using two-stage amplification in the phono stage, and Marantz HDAMs are combined with JFETs (junction gate field effect transistors) in the input stage, giving high input impedance. The exclusion of coupling capacitors further simplifies the design, reducing signal distortion and enhancing signal purity. Further, MODEL 30 is equipped with an input impedance selector, which can be adjusted to three different settings “MC Low (33 Ohm), MC MID (100 ohm) and MC HIGH (390 ohm),” which further optimizes sound performance when using a moving coil or magnetic moving cartridge.

Marantz Model 30 Remote Control

MODEL 30 continues Marantz’s tradition of using its proprietary discrete circuit design boards— Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs)—to replace chip-based amps and offer the most musical, accurate and detailed sound possible. Leveraging curated discrete surface mount components with short mirror-image left and right signal paths, the HDAMs dramatically outperform regular integrated Op-amps to achieve exceptional sound quality and performance.


  • Custom-built preamplifier with Marantz HDAM technology.
  • Tuned with passion by the Marantz Sound Master.
  • Output: 100W + 100W (8ohm), 200W + 200W (4ohm).
  • Fully-discrete design for signal purity.
  • Custom HDAM®-SA3 circuitry for clean, optimal dynamics.
  • Separate amp and preamp power supplies reduce interference.
  • Toroidal transformer dedicated to preamp for clarity and power.
  • Current feedback preamp design with its wide-range circuitry.
  • MM/MC Phono input with its Premium Phono EQ circuit.
  • Brass machined input terminals for CD and Phono.
  • Marantz original high-quality/high-purity copper speaker terminals.
  • Linear volume control with new electric volume system.
  • Amplifier design inherited from Marantz flagship models.

Price & Availability

The Marantz MODEL 30 Integrated Amplifier will be available September 2020 for $2,500 in Black and Silver Gold.

“The MODEL 30 benefits from a new phono EQ stage, a new impedance selector, independent power supplies, an advanced headphone circuit, and a switching amplification design.”

Emmanuel Millot, Senior Director, Technical Category Management at Marantz.


Rated Output Power100W + 100W (8ohm)
200W + 200W (4ohm)
Amplifier CircuitSwitching Amplifier
Power TransformerToroidal w/ case
Bass / Treble / Mid / Balance Controlyes / yes / – / yes
Source Directyes
Wide Range5Hz – 50kHz
THD0.005% (1kHz, 8Ω)
Dumping Factor500
Input Sensitivity: Phono InputMM: 2.3 mV / 39 kohm
MC: 250 μV / 100 ohm
Input Sensitivity: CD/LINE/RECORDER220 mV / 13 kohm
Input Sensitivity: Power Amplifier input1.1 V / 13 kohm
SN RatioPHONO (MM): 88dB 
PHONO (MC): 75dB 
CD: 107dB
Phono Inputyes (MM/MC)
Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ
Ext. Pre Input (Power Amp Direct)yes
Audio (In/Out) Terminals 6/1 (PHONO / MM&MC / CD / TUNER / LINE 1 / LINE 2 / RECORDER
*except Power Amp Direct In (or Ext-Pre) and Pre-out* [PHONO] and [CD] inputs = high grade terminals 
Speaker TerminalMarantz Original SPKT-100+
Remote Control Bus Terminalyes (Cinch)
Displayyes (Porthole, OLED)
App Control via Network Playeryes
System Remote Controlleryes

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