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GOERTZ by Alpha-Core Introduces Ground Breaking Speaker Cable for Professional A/V Installers

GOERTZ Announces the Introduction of flatwire For Professional Installers

June 1st 2005–GOERTZ by Alpha-Core has announced the introduction of flatwire, a product designed specifically to address the needs of the home integrator and A/V installer. GOERTZ flatwire is a 13-AWG design that delivers measurably improved sonic performance over traditional speaker wire because of its low inductance and resistance characteristics, all in a flat, compact package. flatwire is truly an installer grade cable with an ETL, CL2 flame rating that allows it to be installed inside wall panels and floor partitions. Due to the extremely slim profile of flatwire, it can also be placed under carpets or behind baseboards. It is highly flexible and may be easily snaked through existing conduits if desired.

Like the world renowned GOERTZ audiophile speaker cable, flatwire utilizes two flat strips of high purity solid copper–the negative conductor bare, and the positive insulated by a micro thin film of PET polyester. Ultra-simple field termination may be performed either by using screw-on spade, banana or pin connectors, or by cutting integral spades right into the copper conductors using the GOERTZ proprietary punch pliers. Installers in cramped surroundings will likely appreciate the ease of termination while using flatwire products.


• Low inductance–at the heart of the GOERTZ story, this patented design delivers measurably improved sonic performance over other cable designs–this cable is so accurate that it has been adopted be National laboratories and leading manufacturers for the power supply of pulsed laser systems.
• Flat, flexible architecture allows the Goertz cable to be installed beneath carpets invisibly while delivering uncompromised performance.
• CL 2 rated (also known as plenum rated). This is a UL listing which allows the Goertz cables to be installed inside walls.
• Easy field termination–another key to the Goertz success story with professional installers is the ease with which it can be terminated on the job site. Goertz has even made available a proprietary tool that allows installers to make cuts in the cable quickly and precisely.
• Cost–The Goertz cable for installers is competitively priced with other bulk wire that simply does not deliver the same level of sonic performance. Goertz has enabled system integrators to retain a critical profit center while simultaneously delivering better value to the end users in the home.

About GOERTZ cables by Alpha-Core, Inc: GOERTZ cables were developed by Alpha-Core, Inc and adapted as a loudspeaker cable by Ole Goertz, a Danish electronics and audio engineer. The GOERTZ concept is patented throughout the world and founded on the principle that an audio cable should do absolutely nothing to the signal passing through it. The distortion of an audio signal along a speaker cable depends on the cable’s electrical parameters, mainly its resistance and inductance per unit length. A high AWG number means high resistance, which will degrade the bass and low mid range frequencies, whereas a high inductance will typically roll-off the treble and high mid range frequencies. Because both parameters affect the signal relative to cable length, they become a grave concern for long runs of wire in quality home theater and multi room audio installations. The patented GOERTZ cables have become famous for their low inductance and resistance characteristics, as well as their unique flat packaging.

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