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DALI Introduces New Phantom K-Series In-Ceiling and H-R Series In-Wall Loudspeakers

DALI’s new architectural speakers promise a large soundstage and natural dynamics at affordable prices.

DALI Phantom H-60R In-Wall Speakers without grilles

Danish speaker maker, DALI, via Lenbrook Americas, brings the new Phantom in-ceiling and in-wall speaker models to North American buyers. 

The new models are the PHANTOM K-60 and K-80 premium circular in-ceiling speakers and rectangular-shaped PHANTOM H-60R and H-80R in-wall speakers. 


The K-series circular in-ceiling speakers are designed to be practical units that provide true Hi-Fi performance for either a stereo or multi-channel home-cinema setup or used individually in a whole-home audio solution.

DALI Phantom K-60 In-ceiling Speakers
DALI PHANTOM K-60 In-ceiling Speakers

The 6 ½-inch PHANTOM K-60 and 8-inch PHANTOM K-80 feature custom-designed drivers and components that draw from decades of DALI experience. The woofers have improved diaphragms, thanks to the signature DALI wood-fiber cone. This is a first for Dali in-ceiling speakers. A new magnet system is also included for a better low-frequency response.

The new DALI PHANTOM K-series architectural speakers use the same cut-out dimensions as DALI’s PHANTOM E-series (whitepaper, PDF). This allows for easy speaker upgrades for those that want to take advantage of that option. 

A distinctive magnetic grille provides a modern look that blends into any space. The K-series also has custom-designed tweeters that can be tilted towards the listener to optimize off-axis performance. Two-level switches allow the sound to be tweaked to the exact application or to personal taste.

Accessories for the K-series include an optional square grille to suit personal preferences or to match other in-ceiling features like lights, vents, etc. 

Back boxes for both the K-60 and K-80 are also available, which offer physical protection from debris and dirt, as well as moisture in areas such as bathrooms. The K-60 and 80 back boxes also help to eliminate sound bleeding into other rooms. The back boxes can be retrofitted for easier custom install options. Coming this fall (2022), pre-construction kits will be available as well.


Crossover Frequency3 kHz3,300 kHz
Tweeter28mm Soft Dome28mm Soft Dome
Main Driver6 1/2-inches8-inches
Frequency Response51 Hz to 25 kHZ48 Hz to 25 kHZ
Sensitivity87 dB87 dB
Impedance6 ohms6 ohms
Maximum SPL105 dB105 dB
Recommended Amp Power48 to 150 Watts50 to 200 Watts

The DALI PHANTOM H Rectangular Series

The 6 ½-inch PHANTOM H-60R and 8-inch H-80R are premium in-wall Hi-Fi loudspeakers that have a rectangular form factor.

DALI Phantom H-60R In-Wall Speakers
DALI PHANTOM H-60R In-Wall Speakers

Both speakers incorporate a soft dome tweeter, wood fiber cones, and an MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) speaker baffle. The new H-R architectural speakers use the same components as the previous DALI PHANTOM H-60 and H-80 models. This means they offer the same high-end performance using a more conventional form factor. DALI’s goal is to broaden its application with the H-R series by making it easier to install into new or pre-existing stereo setups. 

For added performance, the H-60R and H-80R incorporate a powerful low-loss magnet system that delivers precision and timing for low frequencies. The ultra-lightweight soft dome tweeter improved resolution to high frequencies. The tweeter and full-range drivers blend sound into a coherent, highly detailed, clear, and natural soundstage. 

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DALI Phantom H-80R In-Wall Speaker Angle
DALI PHANTOM H-80R In-Wall Speaker

DALI claims that the PHANTOM H-80R is a true full-range speaker that needs no additional subwoofer. 


Crossover Frequency1,900 Hz2,350 Hz
Tweeter28mm Soft Dome28mm Soft Dome
Main Driver6 1/2-inches8-inches
Frequency Response51Hz to 25kHZ46Hz to 25kHZ
Sensitivity89 dB90 dB
Impedance6 ohms6 ohms
Maximum SPL107 dB109 dB
Recommended Amp Power30 to 150 watts30 to 200 watts
DALI Phantom H-60R In-Wall Speakers with grilles
DALI PHANTOM H-60R In-Wall Speakers (with grilles)

Availability and Pricing

The new PHANTOM Series speakers are available with white paintable grilles at the following prices through authorized DALI/Lenbrook Americas Dealers: 

Tip: If you are starting an in-ceiling or in-wall speaker setup from scratch, consult an installer that has experience in this area for the best placement options. You don’t want to cut into your ceiling or walls and find out later that you made a mistake. 

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