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Audioaccess to Begin Shipping iPod Docking Station Multiroom Audio Interface


5 January 2006

WOODBURY, NY — Audioaccess, a division of JBL that provides advanced whole-house audio/video solutions, announced that it will begin shipping its iPod docking station in winter 2006. The docking station allows a compatible iPod to interface with an Audioaccess PX-700 multiroom audio system, enabling the iPod to play music in any room in the system, and providing two-way operation of the iPod from a Color Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller (CATC) in a remote zone, or a Web-enabled device such as a computer, Internet tablet or PDA.

Chris Robinson, Audioaccess director of sales and marketing, pointed out: “More and more consumers are seeking ways to listen to their iPods through their home entertainment systems, and our new docking station facilitates seamless integration of the iPod’s exciting music storage and playback capabilities with the whole-house music distribution and two-way control functionality of an Audioaccess multiroom audio system. Thanks to our iPod interface, our customers can easily enjoy all their favorite iPod music from anywhere in their homes — with the superior sound quality that is the hallmark of every Audioaccess multiroom audio component.”

Audioaccess and iPod: Providing High-Quality Music Anywhere in the Home

The Audioaccess iPod docking station is a tabletop holder that operates in conjunction with Audioaccess system interface components and the Audioaccess PX-700 Multiroom Audio Controller, a multiroom audio component that offers flexible whole-house music-distribution capabilities along with exceptional sonic performance.

To install the docking station in an Audioaccess system, it is connected to either the currently available Audioaccess CATC/2WSI Two-Way Serial Interface, or the soon-to-be-released CS-IP Audioaccess Control Server. Both products are flexible, “intelligent” two-way interface units that link an outboard home device, such as the iPod docking station, with the PX-700 and the Color Audioaccess Touchscreen Controller, a wall-mountable touchscreen controller that provides operation of an Audioaccess PX-700-based multiroom audio system from a remote zone.

In addition, the CS-IP provides an IP (Internet protocol) address and a user control display to a Web-enabled device, allowing a PC, Internet tablet or other Web-compatible wired or wireless device, such as a PDA, to control the iPod and the Audioaccess multiroom system.

Both the CATC/2WSI and the CS-IP include internal software that enables them to be configured to communicate with the iPod when it is placed in the docking station. Once the CATC/2WSI and the CS-IP are configured, both devices interpret the data sent from the iPod and convert it for display on a CATC; the CS-IP also translates the iPod data for display on a Web-enabled computer or device.

In addition, the Audioaccess docking station provides both unbalanced and balanced audio feeds to the system, enabling the transmission of audio signals for up to 1,000 feet of Cat. 5 cabling. The iPod is also powered from the docking station, with no batteries or external power adapter required.

The two-way functionality that is facilitated by the docking station and the Audioaccess system components enables the iPod to send operational information to the Audioaccess system, and a CATC or Web-compatible device to control the iPod from a remote location. All menu information from the iPod, such as artist, album and track information, is displayed on the CATC or Web-enabled device, and all iPod music-playback functions, such as start, stop, pause and next track/previous track control, are accessible via remote operation.

The docking station’s compact size enables it to be easily placed in a convenient location in a home entertainment system, providing users with ready access when they wish to either use their iPods on the go or at home.

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The docking station can be used (for audio playback only) with all compatible iPod models featuring a docking connector, such as later-generation iPod “click wheel” models and iPod nano.

Suggested retail pricing for the Audioaccess iPod docking station will be announced.

The Harman Consumer Group (HCG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range
of high-fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components, and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group’s brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International (
is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HAR.”

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For additional information, contact:
Frank Doris
FM Group Public Relations
631-385-1304 ext. 402

Audioaccess, JBL and Harman International are registered trademarks of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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