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Amphion’s Home Audio Loudspeakers Will Now Get the Royal Treatment From Playback Distribution in The U.S.

The Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer has a new lease on life here in the U.S. and we have a number of reviews planned for 2024.

Amphion Playback Distribution with Krypton3x Loudspeakers Front

There are a lot of distributors of high-end audio in North America, but not all of them do such a great job. Yes — we just said that. Whilst they might be a dedicated group of people who care passionately about music playback, we have a long list of companies who have dropped the ball with specific brands over the years and not given some excellent products the right kind of exposure and distribution.

With this in mind, Finland-based Amphion Loudspeakers have announced a new partnership with Playback Distribution, which will make their home audio speaker lineup more widely available in the U.S.

Why does this matter?

Amphion is one of those brands with a very strong reputation in the pro audio world that does not get enough attention from North American media outlets and consumers; and that’s totally on all of us because their home and pro audio products are superb.

We are planning on reviewing at least 3 of their loudspeakers in 2024.

The Florida International Audio Expo (February 16 through 18th 2024 in Tampa, FL) is where the Amphion/Playback Distribution is kicking things off. 

Krypton 3X

Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker in Black, White, and Walnut Finishes
Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker in Black, White, and Walnut Finishes

The highlight of the Amphion exhibit will be the U.S. exhibition debut of the Krypton 3X.

First shown at High-End Munich 2023, the Krypton 3X is the updated 3-way flagship loudspeaker that amplifies Amphion’s expertise with a design 25 years in the making. 

The Krypton3X is a full-range floorstanding passive speaker that is designed to deliver strong impact and nuance throughout its frequency range. 

The Krypton3X brings a highly innovative update by incorporating a new state-of-the-art tweeter and low crossover point inside a unique cardioid cabinet design to minimize unwanted reflections, making any room fit to handle the updated speaker. 

Available in Standard White, Black, and Walnut from $24,000/pair.

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Argon Series

Amphion Argon5C Centre Loudspeaker
Amphion Argon5C Centre Speaker

The Argon Series incorporates quality components with innovative acoustical engineering through an innovative crossover design. This line includes the Argon0 ($780 each) desktop loudspeaker, Argon1 ($960 each), and Argon3S ($1,800 each) bookshelf speakers, as well as the Argon3LS ($2,400 each) and Argon7LS ($3,480 each) floor-standing speakers with the Argon5C ($1,800 each) as the center channel for home theatre playback.

Helium Line

Amphion Helium 510 and 520 Loudspeakers White
Amphion Helium510 (bookshelf) and Helium520 (floorstanding) Loudspeakers

The Helium line consists of easy-to-place speakers with an adaptable modern design. With two bookshelf speakers Helium410 ($600 each) and Helium510 ($780 each), the Helium520C ($1,150 each) as a center channel, and the floor-standing Helium520 ($1,800 each). 

Tip: The speakers in the Argon and Helium series can be purchased individually or combined to create a home theatre setup.

About Amphion

With a 25-year tradition in designing and building HiFi speakers, Amphion is driven by honest and accurate sound reproduction. For the last 10 years, they expanded their focus to building studio monitors for the professional recording industry used by audio engineers mixing albums for Billie Eilish, Beck, and Kendrick Lamar to film composer artists like Ali-Shaheed Muhammed and Jussi Tegelman.

Amphion is eager to refine and build upon its home speaker offerings for audio enthusiasts by having the Krypton, Argon, and Helium Series more widely available to purchase in the American market.

Amphion Krypton3x Loudspeaker Front Angle Closeup
Amphion Krypton3X Loudspeaker

About Playback Distribution

Founded in 2023 Playback Distribution is passionate about providing access to state-of-the-art playback systems. Led by Rob Standley, President and Co-Founder, and Keith Haas, Director of HiFi Sales, the pair have several decades of experience in the Consumer Electronic industry. Playback Distribution provides high-quality brands such as Esoteric, TEAC, and Advance Paris along with Quadraspire audio furniture and cabling from Esprit. Now, Playback Distribution is also selling Amphion loudspeakers. Amphion Speakers will be available to purchase through the Playback Distribution website.

From Amphion CEO Anssi Hyvönen: ​“We are very excited about the opportunity to work together with Playback distribution,… They are a passionate and capable organization that can quickly raise the awareness and availability of Amphion home products in the American market. Our products are widely used by some of the world’s top sound engineers and now the audiophiles will have a chance to experience their work in an undiluted fashion also through products, which will expose new exciting details and nuances even from recordings you thought you knew by heart.

Florida Audio Expo Demo

Amphion Helium 520 Loudspeaker in RAL 6018 Yellow Green Color Grid Option
Amphion Helium520 Loudspeaker with Green Color Grid Option

The innovative updated full range of Amphion speakers is being demoed in Playback Distribution’s Room 1006 located at the Embassy Suites by Hilton on 555 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, Florida.

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