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>>>>Doreen PLEASE HELP>>Nalin NydaPlymouth32
Please Post Working Viewsat Settings for South Asian ChannelsPlymouth11
DISH DOWN??????Nalin Nyda10
New files for Pansat freezingNalin Nyda4
The Three StoogesNalin Nyda6
Bev up with some thing?Nalin Nyda28
The Ten CommandmentsPlymouth17
Which receiver to buy?????Kingsville17's 9th rafflegreg raf5
Looking for latest channel listjoe damas1
NHL Channel DishnetworkTooter4
Breaking new "Nagra 3" got hacked by NFusion HDMohamad Obama134
Scrambled or Bad channel - every 2 to 5minsPlymouth12
Geo NewsPlymouth6
ViewSat 9000HD Set-Up HelpPaul7
Any GC update. Please help...Kingsville10
New files for c00lsat freeze fix are outSP4
Channel masterTooter3
Noob needs help!Mebn Selveswaran31
Nalin ,Sada good info to readDoreen41
Channel Master / PUFF binAbby3
Nalin, were you able to figure how to get missing channels.Nalin Nyda19
Missing channels- Blind or Auto scansPlymouth7
NFL for Week 6...October 12 justforhaha's1
Can u help a lost girl?Hawaiian_time16
Analog TV NO MORE as of FEB 2009Doreen32
Why can't DTV get hackDoreen12
No cnn one echo 7Mohamad Obama8
Weak signal on a few channelsNalin Nyda4
Recording from VS u 2Plymouth8
Globecast New Keyskaka9
Pansat question, please help kenneth belk14
Can't find Univision East, ....Ibook Top1
Where can the tools for DTV be found? PUFF Diver7
Help for channel infogreg raf2
Echo 1.2 Down?canada3
STB &PVRPlymouth8
Need a little help..........Nalin Nyda3
Viewsat 9000 HDArpan1
CW 600s Premiumneil3
Nagra 3 NOT Hacked by Nfusion..was just a subbed cardBoba Fett30
Anyway to load channel list on 3500 without null cordTooter2
NFL and NHL @Expressuv Fall 2008, Promotion SummaryDoreen3
6$ buys you a chance at the nfusion hd unitmclinkus4
Red Soxzulu4
DN Newszulu1
Supreme court ruling today, against DTVTiger Woods3
No horizontal Transponders on 82King Tapeman19
NFLWhite Hawk1
Having problem with puff its been going in to scrable channel every...Rossyjess7
NFusion Nuvenio HD w/ 8psksomeone4
COOL6K VS COOL6100sada3
Diseq or settings?The Duncster1
Additional Gujarati ChannelNalin Nyda6
Disque switchNalin Nyda7
D down c**ls@t 6100 Mon 10/6j ross1
Scanning with a cheap 118/119 LNBNalin Nyda1
Echostar3, Nimiq and Indian channels problemsPlymouth18
Breaking News for Kbox owners..Paul16
Sonicview Elite PVR Guidezulu2
Star+ on 61.5 & bev 2 channels missing ????Plymouth4
Quality keeps jumpingPlymouth17
3500sd freezingPleasersmiles5
Pansat file load help neededTooter16
Please help me with my Pansat 2700Nalin Nyda5
GenPix Skywalker 1 and Turbo HD.Liger2
119 is downsada3
Universal Remote Controlsuperslammy3
Teddy the C manTeddy5
NFL Sunday Ticket todat on IKS ??????sada3
Recording from VS ultra 2Valinex1
Dn just went outNalin Bin Nadia4
Old vs bin might workPlymouth2
Do any OLD Bins work on Telefonica / Amazonas?Nalin Nyda4
VIEW SAT hdPlymouth31
Where is puff 292 ??????The Coders5
Lost channels report on some receiverNalin Nyda3
Puff 288 Frezzing Nalin Nyda11
Just bought the nfusion HD nuvenio cartier17
Viewsat Platinum problem plz help!Plymouth23
Not getting any DN channels!! Please help!adv1
Channel problemWhite Hawk10
Warning a new loader for Viewsat contain a VirusPlymouth3 Chevez4
Bell chinese channel gone!!Plymouth8
Vu401 gone on bev.....could nag 3 have startedPlymouth10
How about old bin incase dn goes down toniteLeo2
Dos captiva works cw-700s un solo platoPest Control2
King,Nalin,Plymouth- Multi satellite switchPlymouth8
October ppvPest Control3
Explanation On Signal & QualityPest Control17
New Keys Thread Missing???Plymouth10
12239L and 12282RPlymouth7
Hero Quits Kboxsada5
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