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Hero announced Aug 21,08 that he quit the KBOX team. Here is a C&P of his official statement. This is not a rumor as he posted this on their home site.

Hero c/p:

I have had enough! I have tendered my resignation from kbox today. I am sick and tired of all the lies they have told to me and everyone else. They did order well over 8,000 coolsatt 6100's and converted them to kbox. They did not pay for them and left Coolsatt holding the bill. A guy named Rec* hired one of the hubtech coders and no one was suppose to know. They killed all support for every coolsatt product.
Everything bad you have read or heard is true and the owners used Gary as a puppet and did not care how bad he looked. I told the owners as a coder I would not be involved in these kind of tactics against others so I basically told them to kiss my a**.
Josh**,Cod*,Rec* I hope when the Korean government gets done with your embezzlement and other charges that you get what you deserve.
Kingfta is fully well aware of the kbox stickers and did not care. When you're buying a box to sell for $70.00 a unit wholesale it's all about profit. All of them had people come to this forum and lie for them about what had happened and what was going on for the almighty dollar. If you think they won't screw you over with support just like Rec* did with all your other coolsatts you are mistaken.

Cod*-Joshu*- Rec* all worked for coolsatt and jinghightec they are even responsible for all of the coolsatt 4/5/6 clones that where imported and was selling them as originals that is why they could not be clone killed. They also informed the coolsatt owner that he should drop support because it was the best thing to do. Anyone in this business knows the owner is not the brightest person and he fell right into their trap and so was the end of coolsatt. Coolsatt also lost the first norwest because of the games and tactics that these people pulled.
Rec* signed contracts for support and manufacturing in his name and not the companies so this is where all the problems came from with their support. This is yet another reason why they are in trouble with Korean Gov.
I could go one for weeks with information but I won't. I will close in saying to this site and its owner that I am sorry for all the things they are doing and the trouble they have caused you and your members.

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RTap that was old news..........
kbox switch their site to dssrookie.com after that,
only hero quits we are still getting new bin's and stuff,
kbox is still running great, and
some new good changes ahead for kbox owners..

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here is the old link, don't forget to see the old naked pic posted by you
what was the purpose?
to kill the excellent thread or what?

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RTAP actually posted in the old threads were I had posted last August, a copy of this exact same resignation by Hero...not sure why he's dragging this up again....there have been no major changes since that old thread and Kbox..

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