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my friend bought a viewsat remote control from ftapros site. itis the new model flat fat one. it has viewsat logo look original . the color is selver and not the dark titanuim color. and little different with many bottons extra as A.B.C.D ALSO location of other keys are different.

anyway does not control the box at all. i could program tv and dvd but the receiver it self i can not.

simply there is no code for that.

anyone knows the code i guess they did not program it .from the factory .


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Cartier check on this site all manual are there, i dont know you model.

I hope that can help you

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those are guide and manuales for every recievers. but only to control tv vcr and dvd. becuz usualy the rmote should have the code programed for the box.

it's viewsat ultra remote original but can not control the reciever.

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cartier ur freind can simply return the remote to the dealer they will exchange it.. tell them the situation,
i don't think there is any solution for this problem.
remote wasn't actullay factory programmed.

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hi cartier here is some info i found ..
ur freind can try this..
this is for kbox..

To reset MOST remotes the oldest trick in the book is just insert the batteries in a REVERSED position for approx 15 seconds this SHOULD cause the remote to reset to factory positions.

Other things to check...

make sure nothing is near the IR port on the k-box, or blocking it.
make sure no lights are directed towards the k-box as this can interfere with the IR port
if there are FLORESCENT lights overhead try turning them out as they can also interfere.
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