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Latest Bins - All Pansatszia rehman27
Dead UltraLK2
Help to ID clone ultravad9
Did any one tried 151 bin for coolset4000sada4
Help with pansat 2500a conversionkacha1
2 VS Extreme receivers are dead help medantetn19
Ariza 700 Xtreme need new binsqasim bilak1
61.5Inon zaru3
Does jwh 218 work for GC??andrew percy1
Jvvh218karkour kaka2
Missing zee tv, nimiq 1 (91)Inon zaru5
Congrats to AV for Goldmember StatusAV32
Any new bin for cool 4000 proaksaa11
Looking for Satelitte and Frequency for NOGINdantetn2
Laughing MAOdantetn6
Solve issue with FLU to Pan$at 2700 conversionViswaa Dure3
Loading problems on vs extreme?Abe Hanhan7
Please help with pansat 3500ziad1
Cools*t 8000 HDkate2
Bin 281 is workingJib1
I think there are some sick people out there....sada5
VS Xtreme Strange problemsKing Tapeman3
Is there a fix for fortec ultra?Nalin Nyda26
Provider ID 0106 IssueAV1
"night rider"...what does it mean? How can i fix it?Jalaj Mehta11
Ariza 700 working on previous bin 2.93 ??poochi4258
Pantec to 2700LK3
Jvvh bins for Converted 2500 and its clonesLK1
Bin 218 (2500 to 2700)zaza mala1
AV mii confused!!milanoswald@hotmail.8
Help with viewstatChip la russa1
Don't know what is happening ??????TempleLies3
Loading 115 factory binHKE1
Usb adapter cable David Hunter1
Pansat againchrisduclo1
Question - Pansat 3500 SD w/bin 333ERROR2
PPV HelpMiro Gabrielian1
JVVH vs JWHPablo1
What happend to threads?lilhelpa2
We got robbed?Pete3
Great everything got erasedjames bond2
Any one else around?Muhammad Afzal3
What happened! Where are the posts!SHADOW452
Please help with viewstatChip la russa1
Help me please!Lada1
Whats going on satgrl2
Sat 60.5 where is it and 110 and 91 no channelKami1
Vasili BikovLada1
Vasili BikovLada1
Viewsat xtreame situationindopak15
Vista windows and usb cable zulu2
Please helpARVIND PATEL1
FLU converted to 2700 cloneNew To FTA3
AV huremkic34
All channels back on c00lsat 7000RTAP2
Fortec ultra????RTAP2
Where do u get that loader blacklist 1.4.0RTAP2
FOR AV...where do u get that loader blacklist 1.4.0RTAP5
Coolsat5000 HELP!!B Norm10
GC please try this keySit Sat2
Where can I get bin 218v1 w tivo (clone bin)...?Meny Boy7
Viewsat Extreme BinTony D1
Bin for Fotec Star Lifetime UltraJay4
WHERE is the PROVIDER id 0106 ?????????satgrl2
Anyone have any news re Ariza Xtreme bin?Ellis Dee2
Question- converting 2500 clone to 2700marawan6
Anyone own c*oolsat5000???????/cartier11
REPORT ON JVVH218 BIN FOR 2500TO2700reggie11
Another question on viewstat platinumChip la russa1
Best Satellite Receiver in Town by "King"King Tapeman6
WEIRD.....IS THE ECM GONE???dannyboy20
Hello2all...NOW PLEASE HELP BUYING RECEIVER !!!Roger Quinonez17
Pantec to 2700AV5
Ditching Viewsat , new receiver?davidvandiesel30
Anyone tested new bin for c00lsat 7000?AV2
Dead Pansat 3500 SD --- Please helpAV6
A simple questionAV9
LK/AV Please help!!!!AV2
2700A Bin 218 Working!!!!!!!RTAP13
Channel MASTER for Pansat 250 ?kaka2
Hi guys i am back..Dr DSS18
Time to bring sat to the suv...Albino Midget8
LK help with my 9000HD recording questionJ B1
Pansat2500-X-85BL_071016_299 Tivo_apiLK9
VS ultra 2000 helpKing Tapeman2
How to enter keys in VS ultra?Dr DSS2
Jvvh frustration!!satgrl11
There is new bin 218 by tivo is it for converted 2500 to 2700?satgrl8
Sv1000 channel problemsSim kang4
Pansat Clone, VS extremekarkour kaka5
How to fix the international channelskarkour kaka2
Bin 218 looping, not working for my Pansat 2700E...Sam T4
Help with dp legacy twin lnb and dp34switchbob1
DN 119 & 148 signals?CoolSatFV20
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