Laughing MAO


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Username: Donnie1973

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Registered: May-06
King u say u r the only tester here while u were talkin to satscanner...
Are u telling me that u need HELP in making false predictions all the time?? OMG
How hard can it be?? LMAO
U are funny. Well, at least I see others comming out saying the same things about u as I have. People are seeing u for what u are... a fake.
A DN mole.

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Username: Dry_dent_lure

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Registered: Dec-06
I'm with you on that.
he's a fake.

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Username: Donnie1973

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Registered: May-06
I know if I posted so much crap that had no basis, and NEVER was even close to being correct, I would be asshamed to post here anymore. They say the same thing at total

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Username: Dry_dent_lure

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Registered: Dec-06
King Nonsense.

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Username: The_messenger

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Registered: Oct-07
Maybe this guy King Tapeman is just a kid.
If not he should be in the nut house not here.
After all the bashing he gets he just comes right back with the same BS
The one I like is his clock.
he tell you how to find a satellite
using his clock hell I have trouble
to find one using a meter

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Username: Donnie1973

Post Number: 1466
Registered: May-06
lol... He is the King... the engineer... the tapeman...

I thought he was the coach of some sports team?
Yet he is an engieer?
He has cable, doesnt own FTA unit, he would never steal channels, yet now that he is a master tester (LOL), he has one...
Yeah, could be a child.
There HAS to be some kind of explaination on that guy... Thats what has me so intrigued... I cant figure out what he is, I just know he is very presistant. He has been wrong MANY times... never right yet, but will still come back and say not over yet. LMAO
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