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Fortec Ultra Life time not working after uploading filesh3lt3r_sk3lt3r4
Ingenious ideas for Apartment patio setupOff the Wall10
PLEASE HELPh3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
How to tel if my C**lsat 4000 is a clone?jkester12341
RS232 null modem cablerico malhotra1
Cable descrambler for cablevision............D. Yaneb350
Lifetime ultra channel listing Dramous5
Yes, I got it to work...Anonymous2
Need help with Azira recieverd-onion3
Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra Transiver Valuecomputerguy21
HDTV News!!h3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
Pansat 3000 (Clone) downstoner1
Changing key on dreambox 500-smm_zafar@hotmail.com5
Changing dreambox 500-s keyMaple Leaf2
I FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET BACK ON!!!h3lt3r_sk3lt3r6
Newbie HelpJerrynewuser1
Multistar will not turn onThor121a1
Softcam n2 new keysJason Cook1
Anyone got a N2 fix for softcam, using twinhan pci and MTJason Cook1
I'M UP !!!!!! Lifetime Ultra ,sorrybrumleyr1
PCI vs FTA recieversyep1
I"M UP!!!!!!! Lifetime Ultraput up link2
Do you NEED the New FIX? Step By Step Directions & New FILESDss Future1
Superdish 121Anonymous5
Dif. EchoStar 9 at 121.0°W vs. EchoStar 9/IA 13 at 121.0°W AnonyUser2341
Is there any use for bev 3100?doug smith1
C**lsat 4000 proSpanky FTA4
Blind scan after entering new keys(pansat)h3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
Pansat 2700AKhan Abdul Wali Khan6
DOWN AGAIN, same time last week!Kon Fused27
Bluejay2 Or Techsat!amadeus1
Entering KeysGary Lindsay1
How to install new codes/keys on fortec lifetime ultra reciever ??h3lt3r_sk3lt3r3
Latest NewsHitch-eeeeeeeeboy4
IT'S OVER THIS SUMMER... consider this on you FTA purchaseI dunno...11
AVR-X and SYNDROME cards coming October 15DSS Mili Scammers29
Heres your answerh3lt3r_sk3lt3r6
Charlie Charlie Charlie he has struck again omgsh!!NV7682
Charlie Charlie Charlie he has struck again omgsh!!h3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
Charlie Charlie Charlie he has struck again omgsh!!homersgirl1
Charlie Charlie Charlie he has struck again omgsh!!homersgirl1
Missing channelsAnonymous7
Cool sat 4000 pro downloading stations gixer6
N2 bin file lifetimeh3lt3r_sk3lt3r3
Getting a new satellite dish systemthill19517
DiSEqc SWITCH Problemthill195117
How much for DTV HD boxes?pie-o-my2
Unzipping Filesthill19513
Hbo, 300, espn 140Slo_hand24
I just got vs2000 and dishpo500ik19
Codes and manuals for all remotesthill19511
Downloading wrong channelsthill195132
DishPro /Dishpro Plus LNB for Pansat 2700....???KNEEL FOR YOUR MEAL6
Free DTVwhatever4
HELP! I have no clue!h3lt3r_sk3lt3r6
Cbs rgb what does it means?thill19515
No signal -help pleaseSpanky FTA4
TV sat cable coonectionnic stathakis1
Any New News Regarding ESPN etc.Leonard Sankar1
Not getting all the channelsthill19516
BEWARE of ORASATthill19519
Sport Package, TP searchCurt7
FTA receiver set up guidethill19511
Make a Poormans dishthill19511
Here we go again!Letmeon27
Re-scanning Tps /w out messing up prog guideCurt3
To FTA Gurusthill195115
NBA game scrambleAnonymous3
Pansat 2700 programingthill19519
How to get Sports packagesROTF....me3
DN 811 / non HD ProgrammingEric Paul1
CompatibilitySon of Silly Thill b7
Pansat 3500 with DirecTV dishSilly Thilly Boy 1959
Trouble flashing .rar fileAnonymous2
Chanels gonebravo two zero5
Where is BEV Fix for all Not just ViewsatsAlfred Newman1
Looking for C**lsat expert.Myron Zane1
How to fix an skyview 500xSpanky FTA2
Helpjames millard2
Circular lnb for a c-band dish.mountainman1
ESPN & ESPNU?Milton Wade1
New C00LSAT Bin is now AvailableMSy6
22khz & sw64 !amadeus1
EPG is not accurate???John Bk3
BEV FIXStooooooopid Daja Vu9
Set up Cool setpro 4000 ReceiverThehitch16
Cool*sat 4000h3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
ISA (aka GemStar) 76cm Dishh3lt3r_sk3lt3r2
Dishnetwork & FTA Switch Problem pls HELP!amadeus1
Pansat 2700 fully loadedSpanky FTA4
Lifetime Ultra freezing screen8083
Pansat 2700h3lt3r_sk3lt3r4
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