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This is for pansats,but is pretty basic to all type receivers..

****Simple PanSat FAT Receiver set up Guide ****

I hope this instruction will help you get started: Read the instruction and understand all the procedures first before you starting to flash your receiver.


Before we getting start, you have to down load all the software you will need and install them.

Down load the file you need from below link, then create a folder, and save as any name you want ( I name my Pansat Utilities_Programming), then unzip the file into the same folder.

Pansat FTA Loader: Get your PanSat loader here

PanSat FTA N2 Flash: Get your PanSat FTA Newest N2 Released

Channel Master: Get it here


Receiver Software update:

1. Connect the serial cable to the receiver and Comm #1 or Comm #2 port of your computer.
Double check and make sure the cable is securely connected.

Note: Pansat 2700 & 3500 use RS232C null modem(serial)cable and Pansat 2500 use RS232C straight through serial cable

2. Plug in the receiver power core, make sure the switch is turn to "ON " from the rear panel,
Then turn the power ON with remote control or from the front. You have to wait for receiver to boot up and
indicated ON.

3. Run the Down loader GTRom Loader from the new created folder.

4. Click the BIN FILE button, browser and select latest BIN FILE, then click the Open button.

5. Click the Download button, wait until the Download Completed.
Watch the LED on the receiver, it should reboot itself, wait until receiver displayed ON.

6. At this point; You are done with the software update. You can turn off power, then disconnect it from the PC.

================================================== ===

Receiver Configuration set up

With the Receiver unplug

1. Connecting all the RCA cable from the TV to the receiver, and connect RG-6 Cable to the receiver, then
Plug in power cord on the receiver.

2. You should see the Language Menu on the TV screen, select English.

3. "CAS SYSTEM" set up, just following the 3A, 3B and 3C steps

3A). Press menu, scroll down to select Parental Control then press OK.
3B). Scroll down to PIN #2, then enter you 4 digits password.0000
If you enter correct PW, it will take you into the CAS SYSTEM menu windown.
3C). In the CAS SYSTEM menu, scroll down to SET DEFAULT KEY, then press OK. Then exit to main menu page.

In the future; if you have to edit the Dishnet key, just following the step #3 to get into the CAS SYSTEM menu,
to edit the key go here Here is how to update key with a screen shoot

4. From the MAIN MENU: selecting INSTALLATION then Antenna setup Option.

These are my dish set up and DiSeqC multi switch configuration;
DiSeqC #1 SuperDish Echo9-IA 13 Dishnet 121
DiSeqC #2 Echo8.6/Ku 110W,
DiSeqC #3 Echo7/Ku at 119W

Satellite: ECHO 9(121) same as dish 105
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-10750
DiseqC- #1
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

Satellite: ECHO 6,8(110)
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-11250
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

Satellite: ECHO 7(119)
Lnb type-Standard
Lo freq-11250
Skew: O
TP: leave it as is

5. Check the signal and Quality level highest as you can (adjust the dish slightly to improve the signal strength).
If you get no quality level on transponders, try others before giving up, because not all TPs are transmitting,
if nesscery Re-aim your dish still not getting any quality signal

6. Press the Exit button, press OK to save setting, the back to the Main Menu

7. Go back to the Installation Menu

8. Goto SATELLITE SCAN or BLIND SCAN, press OK, select the satellite to scan.
you have to scan all the satellites have, once it complete, you should be able to watching TV


Customize your own channels with Channel Master

1. Hook up you box to the PC again.

2. Run the Channel Master, upload the channels list to the PC.

3. form the Channel master, you can edit or delete the unwant channel, save it, then load it back to your box.

Go to lyngsat.c*om for you satellite channel information

Note: Channel Master has the help menu, just look up on the top tool box.
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