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Could some one help this layman.
I just bought one Pansat 2700A. 2 question.
1-My receiver setup picks two satellites 110 and 119.
However,when I select any channel with sat 119, channels dont appear. like CNN discovery ,planet earth, movies, fox etc...
DO I need another dish pointing towards 119 or the programming is not great?
If I need another dish then howcome its picking the list(ony list..doesnt show channels) of channels from 119?

I do see all channels for 110 thu.

Question 2
My pansat remote doesnt work with my Prima TV. I need the code for this tv.
Can any one help??

I would greatly appreciate this help.

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DO some BASIC READING and use a little common sense...1 dish can have 4-5 LNB's

1 LNB= 1 satellite
2 LNB = 2 satellites
3LNB = 3 satellites.

The LNB's must be aimed at each particular satellite,then your remote configured correctly based upon cables,switches,frequencies etc...and then the satellites must be scanned and saved.

The pansat remote is for the pansat receiver..

Why don't U come back here when U turn 18....

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I think ur english reading skills are very week.
1- I said I am new,
2- If u dont know, then FYI u can program ur pansat receiver for different devices eg tv, vcr etc.
3- When u have some thing solid in ur upper chamber only then start replying people..

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U are an illusion! comprehension is very good, obviously yours isn't!...or U can't read or are too lazy to read...just cause U are new doesn't make U exempt from reading and use of common sense..and U are NOT entitled to be PAMPERED,just because U are young and new here..

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I just asked couple of questions.
Obviously u r from a civilization which doesn't knows what courtesy means and how to address people.

Please have ur knowledge limited to ur smelly brain sack.
I have no time to reply and read ur rubbish answers...
I am new here, But ur old..
Ofcourse u r clear enough for the all the people visit here, about ur attitude with people asking help..
NOW THEY UNDERTAND... what a true picture...LOL

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Hi everybody, dishnetwork gone again, any solutions
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