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Receiver dilemma (choice between 2)ZiggyZoggyOiOiOi6
Matching speakers for HK AVR 3550Ganesh3
Can i use 360 watt speakers on a 120x5 watt pioneer recieverStof5
Question for Berny...Kano2
Pick up your Harmon Kardon at TargetJAW5
Sony STR-DE898Anonymous3
Denon 3805 vs Marantz 8400Jorge Ribeiro15
I moved my VSX--D1S now leds are dim....Mark Kasim1
HK AVR635 .....handle 6ohms speakes ?Stof3
B&K Components AVR 505 II vs Denon 4806Art Kyle5
Sony c6800x Sound Problemchris price3
Yamaha CR - 450James Lee2
New and I Need HelpJames Lee7
JVC Recievers?James Lee2
Ok, what about this?Edster92211
Pros and cons of manufacturer refurbishedEdster9227
Denon 3805 multizone help needed Paul3
Speakers + Receiver wattage?Peter Galbraith4
Just posted my Review of the Pioneer VSX-9300TX in the Reviews forumChris Christie1
Denon 3805 vs Sony STR-DA3000ESStof8
Coaxial to RCA conversion???xtjcx1
IPod and my receiver....getting no sound??xtjcx1
Audio popAnonymous3
Marrantz recieversEdster9224
Denon AVR2805 vs AVR3805Riches16
Listening to CD using DLPII Kano4
Some advice please!Rom against Silver S10
A/V Receiver Match for Paradigm Signature S8 floorstandersZiggyZoggyOiOiOi8
Confused ..Please HELPEdster92217
New Receiver or add an Amplifier?RIK7
No (little) sound through speakers - Impedance???Paul2
An issue with the THX optimizerDale M. Wiley2
Onkyo 501 vs. ??Edster9226
Why arent the harman kardons thx certified?RIK18
Is this the Best Denon 3805 Price?AudioVideoGuy7
Trouble With Audio on ReceiverStof2
Yamaha HTR 5540 and Digital Cable TVStof2
Pioneer anyone?ZiggyZoggyOiOiOi4
Receiver & speaker compatible?Dale M. Wiley5
Kenwood Remote Problems ... or Receiver Problem?John-Mark Gurney38
$200 onkyo receiver super starGvenk4
Pioneer VSX-D912 microprocessor problemsChris Christie2
Just ordered the Pioneer VSX-9300TXChris Christie1
Bells versus WhistlesEdster9226
Onkyo HT-R510 problemsJonathan Rash1
Harman Kardon AVR 135 "Protect" Mode?ineedcolor4
Does H/K pair with Paradigm?Riches12
Kenwood USA website down, but here are the manualshamidreza8
Receiver/Speaker adviceEdster92230
Denon avr2805,connecting subStof2
Help with Coax Audio!Stof5
Hey Hawk Nice to have you back !Ragazzo1
Arcam 300, anyone know where there is one?Michael2
Marantz sr 2000 receiverscott8901
Harmon kardon reciever? helpjay cuba1
Problem with a Denon 4802 ReceiverTarik Ahmed1
Dolby Digital cuts in and outODJR18
Harmon/Kardon AVR 125 problemcam1
How to hook up my receiverStof6
Marantz SR5400Art Kyle15
Yamaha Rxv 800bhasker niyogi7
NAD Hissing Concerndiablo43
Harman Kardon DPR 1001 Problem!Josh20051
Receiver SugestionRIK5
Poll: used Marantz SR5000 or new Denon AVR485sDuckmanX10
Money burnin a hole in my pocket! ineedtospendmoney35
Series/parallel wiring or separate amp?Chad Stein3
Marantz Vs. H/KChris Laudermilk9
Yamaha RXV557 or Onkyo TX-SR502Simon Simo Brown2
Help! Old Sony Surround Sound ReceiverAnonymous1
Yamaha HTIBs any good ? Considering YHT-470Arvind6
Pioneer VSX-815-S or Onkyo TX-SR503SAnonymous2
NAD T-763 vs. Yamaha RX-V 2500 (need advise ASAP)Gvenk28
Elite VSX-43TX vs. VSX-55TXi: Specific construction differences?Paul2
What are "B" stock items?Anoni6
Yamaha v PioneerArt Kyle8
Denon AVR 2105Edster9224
Marantz SR 7400 question ?My Rantz3
HK 7300 on eBayRIK4
Marantz SR8300 is more expensive than SR8400!AudioVideoGuy6
Which used reciever should I buy? Under $200Paul11
Onkyo tx-nr801 problems - Please Help!!David Center1
Which is better quality Yamaha or the more expensive Onkyo receivers?James Lee7
HELP! Can't make up my mind! Separates or receiver??Frank Abela12
No video for only some portsKano2
Marantz SR8400's againEdster92211
Receiver and speakers for new theaterPaul45
Denon 4802RIK6
Help Picking the Perfect Receiver for a Tricky SituationStof14
Onkyo Tx-sr602 weak?Josh Lukins5
Rotel RX1052 vs. NAD720BEE Cyrus10
Problems with NAD t753 and/or JVC DVDBig Red3
HDMI / Audio QuestionRoy Evans5
NAD 7155 receiver wattage... Can anyone help??Mark Annichiarico4
Heat Dissipation Question?colleycol19
Which is better quality Yamaha or the more expensice Onkyo receivers?Brittho6
Marantz SR5400 volume control questionPeter Galbraith12
Please help with digital audio signal from DVDAlexC9
Elite receiver reset on power outage?Eric Ramsey3
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