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I have Klipsch Synergy F-2 floorspeakers and a matching center/sub. Which reciever would I be better off with, I will only be using a 5.1 setup. A Pioneer vsx815 or a Yamaha 5830. They yammie is 100 bucks cheaper. The inputs on ea. receiver are adequate for me needs.

Will these receivers offer any difference toward the performance of my speakers?

Which one am I better off with, the Pioneer or the Yamaha. After that, maybe other suggestions.


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The Pioneer will match better your speakers...The Yammie + Klipsch will sound too "bright" IMO

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As our anonymous friend implied, I can't imagine any situation in which I would like a Yamaha amp paired with Klipsch speakers. Denon, Marantz, NAD, Pioneer, and HK should all be better matches with your speakers.

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I'll have to second... I mean 3rd that. Bright + bright = ears ringing.

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Pirate - True, the Klipsch speakers are on the bright side, but there's little chance that you'd be able to actually hear any difference between the Pioneer receiver and the Yamaha receiver. Virtually all of today's better components are flat in response well beyond our ability to audibly discriminate. Choose the one that has the power, features and looks that you like/need. If they're both comparable in power, features and looks, get the Yamaha and save yourself $100.

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Jim, I have to respectfully disagree on that. I find all Yamaha receivers to be bright, and the cheaper receivers are the brightest. The 1500/2500 are relatively warm in comparison.
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