Marantz SR8300 is more expensive than SR8400!


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I just checked harveyelectronics to see what their selection of Marantz "deals" is.
They have demos listed online; I was just curious.
I also wanted to see if they had any x500 series Marantz receiver listed.

Anyway, the SR8300 "demo" is listed as having an MSRP $200 MORE than the SR8400 "NEW demo" ($1,700 vs. $1,500) and sells for $50 MORE ($899 vs. $849).

I thought the SR8400 was an upgrade, or at least same level, as the SR8300.
I guess I was wrong.


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Their prices are goofy. THe x400 should be newer than the x300 from how I understand the model naming to work. Now to make it worse, go check ubid, I hear there's yet another batch of 8400s up there. THere's several people areound here who have gotten some from ubid and are very happy with them; I would too, but cannot justify the cost right now.

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I got in on the SR8400 on uBid too actually.
I couldn't resist since I needed one or two more digital inputs and because I have always admired Marantz receivers, even though I had a perfectly fine Elite 7.1 channel THX receiver (which I just sold).
The Elite "only" has 4 digital inputs, which was a one (or two if you count the CD player) too few for me.

The x400 is definitely newer than the x300.
That is exactly why I was surprised with the pricing...


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Well this dumpoff by Marantz on UBid has everyone juggling prices. There certainly can't be an established price anywhere near the MSRP on the street.


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I fully understand that they won't be able to sell it near the MSRP.

I think you may have missed my point.
My point isn't the absolute price, but the relative price of the 8300 and 8400 at the SAME merchant.

If the 8400 is better than the 8300, then the SAME reputable place should or would not be selling a "demo 8300" for more than a "NEW demo 8400".
This leads me to wonder whether the 8300 is superior somehow; it might not be and the pricing may be off.


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I just found another example of the same two models at another authorized Marantz dealer, with the same type of pricing (SR8400 LESS than older SR8300).

The 6.1 channel SR8300 is $200 MORE than the 7.1 channel successor SR8400; both are 'factory certified' (aka manufacturer refurbished').

In case anyone is wondering whether they simply updated the price of one and not the other, this strange pricing only applies to the 8000 series; all the others have increasing prices as the model numbers go up (i.e. newer models).

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