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How can I check for power?Avalanche186
I need power!!Tony Harrell5
Which should i use Kevin Holden5
Whats the best to worst brand amp out these 4 for solobaric 15's L7...S.L.A.B.34
Is this safe, or retardedS.L.A.B.4
Looking for a ampchristopher jack hun9
Amplifier tuning?Optidriven7
JL Audio 1000/1 500 shippedDaniel Haney10
Opinions pleaseWolfman4
100rms 4ch ampjuliob2
Will this sub work with this amp?Oleg11
Bridging 4channel amp?Ryan Hubartt5
Need help with my amprobert whewell3
My JVC AmpBoniface Charlo1
OT: quick super cheap kicker wire 1/0Nate So4
460 mach system ampbradley dantuma3
Subwoofer ThreadSteinkea2
U.S. amp 4000x competition ampmatt10
Cheapest 4chjones palmer8
Ohms questionS.L.A.B.12
Anyone have experience with strapping memphis amps?ctmike2
How to hook up speakers without rca jacksgrant law4
How to determine amp settings?Optidriven2
2xcerwin vega... which amp???juliob8
Simplest way to find out if your amp is any good cfg9
Xtant x1001 For saleDaniel Haney2
Easy amplifier question...Anthony6
Frequency response Question???Canaan2
Amp Gain Setting Question?Carl L. Linder1
Amp for MB Quart components?rob3
Do inline fuses matter? Which size?Optidriven3
Viper 2500dChauncey Brown2
RF 800.2's?Avalanche183
Anyone Selling a Orion 2500dDr. Destroyer2
Amp troubleM.S.8
Help with fuses!!!!brent watters7
Blown El1500 question...Anthony5
Brand Question?M.S.2
Ala Dr. Destroyer7
Amp HELP!!!Carl8
ED's Newest: NINe.5Tyler1
Punch 400aIV?1
RF 800.2's?jeremy4
Soundstream XXX-10000D M.S.4
Please help, just a queick fuse questionbrent watters1
Help Tuning JL 1000/1Daniel Haney1
Anybody ever hear of sting audiosystems?Jose Tellez2
New amp hookup Leigh Wagner10
2 cadence m7000 1000 watts rms or 1 kicker 2500.1juliob4
Earthquake phd5000wjuliob3
What amp with Alpine Type r 12's?DJBEANPOLE40
06 Tahoe amp installCJ Muha1
HEY!! OlegOleg23
Resonant Engineering 35.1ctmike8
Which amp for interior speakers???M.S.5
Need 100w x 4 <$300 for 105a alternatorM.S.3
How can I lower OHM load?Andrew Capps6
My amp keeps blowing fusesmatt2
HK 4000D or XX colossus??matt24
Kinda stumbled upon...Brad Warren2
Cool Matching AmpsTyler4
What amp?matt24
Amp helpJoey DeSalvo7
Important question that needs help!!!!!Phillip Hamilton7
almani good or not Chauncey Brown8
Need suggestions and HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Kevin Holden24
Cadence any good Kevin Holden5
2 12's L7Kevin Holden12
Could i do this?????? :-)...jerome baker3
Shady Deal??????????juliob6
Will P800.2 Rockford Amp Push 2 10W7Isaac7
Narrow this listBrad Warren7
Which amp and sub??Big dog23
Us amp questionReArrangeYaMind6
Zx1500.1 vs sx1250.1Pelon7
What amp?matt3
Help with chosing an amp and hooking it UP. otabek rasulov6
Amp questionrob7
King Rob!!!!!!Jesse D.2
Help this girl pleaseRob3
Amp selection help!!!Jon Revels9
Amp SuggestionsOleg9
Chad Lee~~ 2500DAvalanche183
Need suggestions and HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!Jose Tellez1
Amp For 2 Kicker CompsJose Tellez3
Enough power?M.S.13
Need help!!! Sony's XM2002GTRM.S.3
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