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the amp in my head unit blew. so i need a 4 channel amp to get it to play music. whats the cheapest and i mean cheapest amp you guys now of.

cheapest ive seen is boss $50

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You would be better off with a new HU

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The cheapest amp you can find will probably blow after a few weeks/months of use. So are you sure you really want that?

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there are many good cheap brands.

Pierce audio has a good 4x45w rms at 4 ohms for 80$.

Soundstream lowest line is decent and they have very cheap models.

Profile is the cheapest of all mentioned.

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typically people on this forum get harassed for recommending anything cheaper than Kicker, but I'll take my chances anyway.
Here's a possibility... 4950QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem

It's an American Pro amp. Obviously it's not great, but I used one of the 2 channel amps from that line a few years back and it was a decent amp.
I'm currently using a DHD amp in my boat, which is a sibling company of American Pro. It's a surprisingly powerful amp.

For $44 shipped I think it would be worth it.

More than twice as powerful as a standard head unit.

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Agree with Julio -- and I would also throw in the PG Octane R5.0/4. I think it is around 90 bucks.

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thanx guys i dont think MS really understands me i dont care about the amp all i want is music. im not lookin for something to powe my speakers . i just need another power sorce just to get them working.

but im still skeptic about this im not very sure this will solve the problem and for a $500 head unit i believe spendin 100 to get it to work is much better than another 500
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