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Pioneer problemjimmy6
Need a 1000 wattsChauncey Brown13
12" Q Box size, power suggestionsctmike2
1 hz test tone .....BreathingTyler10
Si BMTyler7
Fi 15 Q w/ PICSMuddy19
Hey guyscharlie60
Audiobahn Subsrichard15
Sealed vs. Ported...the debate goes on...Muddy16
Digital DesignsMuddy2
Need help pleaserichard8
Omg u people u all have to see this richard9
Subs louder than two 15" L7'srichard13
Drivinreckless... here it is... PORT AREA....richard43
My 12" Q came in this morning every1richard22
Any thing i should do different on this...cam23
105 amp alt.?goodie15
Assassin box question?? Port area?Pike1101
Powering a type xty mutlow2
Something doesn't sound rightmixneffect6
My new box design...Tremor11276
Adjusting gain with dmmB14
Battery Dead?Chad Lee7
Progress!! on my box!! picslucas beckner20
Cubic ft. issue?Chad Lee7
A good 15" sub for under 350.00 bucks! That-BOOMS!!Logan30
Audioque Wiring QuestionLogan4
Fi Q vs. Type XMuddy11
I'm starting my own thread!LOL I am wanting to buy a SUB thats SPL ...Kenny26
Cotton in your box????ty mutlow12
Im building this box........EseEsai6
Hey Chad..logos?Andrew Capps38
Tuning a box???Jordan Singleton2
It's Here, It's Here!Trell55
Port questionsChad Lee7
Need a boxTuLoud2
Good Brands!!!Paul Larrea7
18 are they mithMuddy19
Police lost paperwork; charges dropped.Paul Larrea11
Audiobahn Shutting down?Muddy4
Test-n-tune tomorrow at noon!!!Wolfman5
Camping out for a PS3impala63rag34
VisonikJordan Singleton6
Bass blockersmarc2
Finally backChase Freeman13
Attention ROB BROWNAvalanche1815
Sealing box to cab?drivingreckless4
Door pannel helpMontana8
Infinaty or jl-Eric-3
tough decision...Yanks Fan12
Where to groundMontana8
Box dimensionsJohn Doe1
Sealed or Ported??2000CrownVicP.I.21
Which would be best? not subwoofer related!Maris22
What should i list this sub for?trey goettling14
Rich Kids, New Speaks...killerzracing7130
Anyone up here drive a white Scion Tc...Yanks Fan10
Where can i get specs. to make a box??Andrew Capps15
On eBay!! Bid now!!Goin Deaf13
Need help! Getting ready to build or have built a box for a van 2-1...lilrob2
2 12" AA assassin box.... does this look right??Andrew Capps8
I need some advice Goin Deaf39
Si mag & fi q ??Muddy13
FI rumors...Matt Kitzis4
Excited :-)...Muddy10
How MUCH RMS do everyone USE?DrSmithHD362
Low-Hz--Massive Audio GROUP BUY! HUGE SAVINGS!!Kevin Holden49
For people who wants to know about fiberglassingGoin Deaf3
My sub ( pics )Stévén Nois18
Audioque HD 3?shawn22
How do you keep slot ported from having port noise??Pike11011
Kevin Previe[Kéviñ_Previé]6
Kevin need ur helpTuLoud1
Good box...Andrew2
Anyone used s soundsplinter RL-S ?trey goettling7
38hz box ok for 2 12" assassins?WrEaK HaVoC8
Bed time[Kéviñ_Previé]7
Very cheap 8'sPike1108
OT blowing up subs #2!!!marc41
Alt and voltage meterStévén Nois3
CV stroker 120's w/ fiberglass boxdrivingreckless4
Can somebody help???Pike1103
What type of box would you go with on this setupty mutlow4
Help tsw3004spl Gvidas Karbauskas10
Batteries or Altmat dope6
Comparison. Look inside.killerzracing719
Hey Logan!Logan12
This will scar me for life.B21
Treo? loud spl?drivingreckless17
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