1 hz test tone .....Breathing


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Username: Stnorris

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for those of you who havent seen it, this guy plays a 1hz tone on these 4 subs. HAHA. wow.

I wonder if his volume was like half or less, cause if not his voice coil would have gotten roasted!


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that is badass...i wish i had the balls to try that on my subs it looks cool as hell

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Username: Cenus

4, 20

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ok whats so special about that, you've never seen a sub play a 1hz tone before

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I played a 7hz tone on the DDs is that close :P?

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btw.. that VW bug is right down the road from me.. that as well as the audiopipe probe and the audiopipe van... the van does 161dB on the TL..

guy who owns the shop is named John Carr..

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Damnn you Steven...I showed that to you lol...where is my credit?Bas±ard!You didn't even know that was possible lol.

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Username: Stnorris

Davenport, IA US

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man i told you that i was making a thread about it just because.....

ok but ya....gotta give credit to ROb he sent me the video...

before that i was saying "who the hell would play that on there sub....and it would probably BLOW..

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cool vid.

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id like to see that in real life! i dont think id hear it though

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ive played a 1hz tone through a lot of subs..
you really cant hear anything.. its pretty crazy, try it sometime... ive done it with ported enclosures with no problems....
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