Police lost paperwork; charges dropped.


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well guys, i went to orlando today and the police lost my paperwork therefore i have no charges against me, no fines, and no fees. i hope he doesn't find them though then I'll have to go back lol. I lucked out though 8)

well I'll be gone for the weekend, talk to you guys when i get back, have a good one :-)

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good deal man. thats awesome for you

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damn lucky son-of-a-gun .......

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damn lucky son-of-a-gun .......

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that is awesome. i've never been so lucky. lol.

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They probly got jelly donut filling on the paperwork and just said they lost it. OINK

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yeah that is awesome man. FL cops are either cool, dumb, or d!cks.

my friend had a cop let him off for drunk in public and giving alcohol to a minor and possession of consealled weapon.

hehe lucky you got the cop that doesnt feel like filling out paper work!

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What charges were these if you don't mind me asking?

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minor in possession of alky.

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U lucky a$s.

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Very lucky. Hope "life" doesn't catch up with you. Good luck!
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