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Kicker vs BTLadam1
Re Sx 18...SpLChoIce-1
Wireing equiptment help pleaseimpala63rag9
Im gettin a new car!!!blaine westropp16
Just got some subsLee Horton7
Scott Atwell....Neo42013
Help. SpLChoIce-2
15" Magnum - BNIB- $400 ShippedMuddy4
Will this hurt my stuff?Yanks Fan5
Audioque vs. ascendant audioMuddy17
Anyone know a place that will tell me what size speakers in my car?...Yanks Fan8
Between the 2Muddy6
DD pricesMuddy6
Should i get theseMuddy9
Eye ball stabalizersJesse D.11
New SetupTrell14
Directed 1500D or SPL Z1X 2400D?????Chauncey Brown6
What do you think about this meter?Stévén Nois5
Just ordered 2 12.1'stasos2
Best Sub SQL for 600 watts Terry640516
Guitar amp? in a CAR?mat dope4
Infinty 12VQ take 600rms?Terry64058
Down to the woofersmat dope5
I'M LUCKYReece Brassler15
Need more spl!.D.5
Hmmmm can i do this/\/\ike14
FOR SALE: 10" Kicker Solo-Baric L5 in boxDarrell Swift5
Travis Eaton...well anyone?Trevor Eaton10
Fi vs. Dd[...Rovin...]9
I think I want different subsTimothy44
Need more spl!Sam lawson9
Diamond Audio 8" Subs -- D308D2/D308D4ty mutlow6
Shallow Mount Subsjuliob14
12" Kicker Solo-Baric L7 or Comp VX?juliob10
Need SQLjuliob14
:-( i sold my system :-(...juliob39
Sounds good to me 18" SSXAndrew Capps1
What FI subs compare to what RE subs?Muddy6
Sub box question?Muddy9
Custom enclosureDaniel Wang34
Ssd or sxJoey DeSalvo3
JL 10w3(v2?)---Need Help plz....ctmike6
........... HelP Me Out..........lucas beckner6
Metered with new amp[Kéviñ_Previé]24
Finnished my new box......Picsgrant law20
149.8dB @ 47hz :-) :-)...Trevor Eaton19
Weird sub noiseLee Horton8
Box buildin design helpWahl2
Box buildin design helpMatt11
Amp ?marshall white4
General Speaker Questions...From a semi-organize Noob:-)...Mike13
Ot>everything is, ,messed u[James Longo15
Help please amp pic.escalade4
Is a/d/s R12S a SQ subwoofer?James Longo10
Flares on portsThe Reason Why4
Do I need a ported enclosure or not?Wolfman13
Will these get LOUD!! diamond audio speakers 5x7grant law3
Would an Alpine M605 be enough to power a 13w6v2?Chuck D7
Audiobahn vs. kickerjuliob21
Copper bolts?Trevor Eaton26
Ot>whiskeyJordan Singleton28
My old username from 03 is asking for a key?Jordan Singleton4
32in. audiobahn / nikes????Jordan Singleton2
1995 System install helpklez10
How hard would it be to repair this??????Polo6
What Could I Fit In My New Car?Muddy6
OT - Doogie Houser is g@y ! ......Muddy74
Sub popping at high volumes?mat dope5
Fi Q metered?mat dope6
FOR SALE- Kicker Comp Wolfman24
Orion 12.4 H2'smike5
DJ's Box Idea!Trell8
Good setup for this ridemike38
1995 System install helpJeremy Braun7
Ot>just testing something newMuddy16
Phoenix Gold Octane-ZR or JL W3V3James Longo6
Wanted: Blown RE Audio SXVince Urmanski9
Type R Sealed Francisco Recinos7
15" BTLbernyMAC22
Mabey selling SX15 and nine.1Trevor Meyers64
6 x 8's?lilrob4
OT: trunk actuator?justin ogle8
Audioque SD12.5Trell5
How much can a fi q take?James Longo4
What are some great sounding vocal speakers?James Longo3
Ot>John KerryReece Brassler25
OT: Exhuast systemJ@Yme11
Help with box and subs please.bassman33
That was loud....Jordan Singleton22
OMG..who wants to slap me first..seriously??[Kéviñ_Previé]21
Sub and amp? jeremy6
12in kicker w/ boxJoey DeSalvo31
**Pics** RE 35.1 is in![Kéviñ_Previé]8
SI Mag 15''Muddy6
JAMES LONGOJames Longo17
???Sub CliPPing...? What the F...?drivingreckless7
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