149.8dB @ 47hz :-) :-)


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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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Just ran on my TL and did 149.8dB w/ my 9515d and 20.1. Im so happy but at the same time

150 is so close yet so far away...:-)

This was w/ a stock voltage drop is

I'm prolly gonna cut another 1/2" off my ports this weekend and get another batt VERY soon.

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Username: Naledge503

Currently residing in ..., Oregon USA

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very nice. good job. You can hit 150 i got faith in

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Username: Tdeaton1021

Near Tampa, Florida USA

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dammit man I wish i was there. I'd make your as$ stay up all night until you found a way to hit that 150 lol. congrats on that score and the near future 150!

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Username: Wolfman1966


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You can do eeeet, even if it takes ALL NIGHT LONG....(water boy reference for those who don't know)

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Username: Boomtank

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Hey how much are 20.1's going for now. And nice job with the 149.8

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Username: J_baby15


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Marshall, how much space u givin ur 9515d?

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Username: Rvlacos

DD 3512 United States

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man thats nice #'s. congrats man thats tight. one 12 hittin 149.86!!!!!

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Username: Basshead86

Try Google

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change that batt, and here comes 151!!!!!!:-)

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Username: Bestmankind

Fi AudioBTL

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awesome score marshall.

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Username: Redliner

Wilmington, Ma

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actually man he has a 15" lol but nj marshall congrats since we all know that u will get ur .2 even if it takes u another month u will get what u have been dreaming for nj man hope i can get somewhat close to u even though i know i cant

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Username: Frkkevin

Resonant Engineering..., Fort Worth... Email

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pick yourself up a set of golf cart batts and wire 3 pair in series for a 16v load then all in parallel :-) .. that is if you can find a cheap set of 6 8volt batts..

i forgot your last score.. what was your best with that SX.. btw that SX score was just with the bp1200.1 right?

nice score with that DD.. I see you'll be breaking a 150 for sure.. just get the proper power and youll have no problem. i actually see you hitting a 152 with a few extra batts

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Username: Adddisorder

West palm, Florida

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damn thats awesome man. cant wait till you break 150 i know you will

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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I havnt got a chance to meter any more yet, but I played around w/ the box/amp alil and it sounds louder to the ear now. (at ~46hz) I had to build 2 boxes and do 1 full install today, so i didnt have time to play w/ my set up much at all.

Right now, i can play my box daily and it still sounds great. The sub drops pretty low even though its tuned pretty high. The whole yung joc cd is crazy on it.

I need to get my note up to about 50hz...prolly end up cuttin bout 1.5"-2" off the ports pretty soon. I'm going to brace to box alil more tomorrow...the face w/ my ports is kinda thin between the ports.

My current box is 4.5cuft w/ three 6" ports flared to ~8.75"...2 layers of resin and 1/2" threaded rod bracing in the box.

pics of the install about 3 weeks ago. its has changed alil since then though...the ports are ~3" shorter now.

My voltage drop is REALY bad (~10.4v)...i'll have ~$225 in my pocket tomorrow from building boxes, so a new batt will come VERY soon. Thinking about a kinetik hc2000 or an NSB90. It will be placed rite next to the amp, between the ports and the back wall of the truck.

I think Matt Sibley may be selling the NSB125's he used to set his world record in USACI prostock 5000+ and getting something new for finals...i may try to grab a used 125 from him. He was only dropping to ~11.9 w/ 3 nsb 125's on 4 autotek 4000's...i'm sure one of those will do nicly w/ my on 20.1.

oh and to whoever asked about the 20.1's, there is one on ebay rite now. 90046379128QQihZ009QQcategoryZ18797QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

I got mine for $425 shipped (used for ~5 shows) runs dialy at .35ohm dcr like a champ, my kick ix402 on my mid/highs gets hotter.

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Username: Zacdavis~

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Marshall, remember, as you add power to yor system your resonant frequency will decrease.
This is common. For instance, check out all the lower classes that run rexs then the higher ones.
You'll notice th majority of the loud guys in 0-300 and 301-900 run about 62 to 63 hz, now the 901-1800 and 1801+ vehicles are running closer to 60-61 hz.
And these systems as you know are nearly identical in design, the only major difference is power, lol, 26x26x15 4 4" aero's out the back.

So what i'm getting at is dont cut your ports yet!

First and formost, supply that amp with the current it needs before you change anything else in the system.

If you wanna call me sometime heres my number

If I dont hear from you before I'll see yo at finals. L8r man


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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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hey zac,

I have extra 6" pipe that i am going to use...I'm not going to cut my current ports. I'm just going to replace the center pipes.

I'm going to play around and do more testing sooner or later...looking for ~151dB w/ this box if i can get there.

I didnt get a chance to call Matt yet, but he said something about selling his nsb125's at the 3x show in jackson where he set his record.

Do you think that 1 nsb125 will get the job done for me? I know i will see some gain if i can actually keep my voltage up and supply the 20.1 w/ the current it wants.

(btw...matts box is alil different than other 'normal' CRX boxes...i'm sure ALOT of people will be copying his design after finals this year.)

I'm not going to finals...wish i have the $ to tag along and just be there, but i dont. maybe next year.

thanks man.

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Near Tampa, Florida USA

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damn marshall, your the most competitive frequent member of this forum. you deserve to go to finals. I think everyone should donate $2 to your go to finals fund lol. I will if they will lol.

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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I would love to just go to finals and mess around.

I wouldnt stand a snowballs chance w/ my setup at finals. My #'s are crap compared to what will take top3 in my class at finals.

First place in my class (mod 301-900) will be ~163dB this Those guys mean business. :-)

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana DD 9515d~~]...

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oh, but if anyone is willing to donate...i'll be more than happy to accept.

we'll call it my 'battery fund'.


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Username: Tdeaton1021

Near Tampa, Florida USA

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oh i know but i think you should be able to go to mess around. maybe pick up on something to help you get to 155!!??
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