Type R Sealed


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Alpine recommends a sealed volume of .85 what everyone else running for sealed. I posted this a little while ago and the volumes varied and i tried to search and didnt find much. I have mine in a 1.12 prefab box and looking to build one and

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i had mine in a 1.25 sealed before going ported and i thought it was better than the smaller box i was given. but if you have the room i'd definately port them, you'll be much happier.

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those subs ported smile:-)

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i like u name
wuts it mean? :-O

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you like it because it reminds you of giving BJ's to crack heads on the Tampa streets!

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had mine in a 1cuft sealed but heck those subs play real good in various ported boxes i used .....

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I have had my Type R's in about 5 boxes total. The first one was a single 12' in a slot vented box. Got very loud but was wasnt getting low enough. Then I put 2 12's in a sealed box about 1.5 net cubes per sub and I was very disapointed. They werent loud at all. Infact my single 12' was louder than the two sealed. Now I have them in a 5 net cube total ported and in this box they sound amazing. Very loud and the sq isnt bad at all...
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