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Rf x7 amp ?'sjuliob4
Help me kyle bugg6
What is clipping?Muddy Waters6
Big help!juliob7
Do you think this will work?Chad5
Amps for atomicTyler Wayne Fletcher25
NINe 1 question.ctmike13
What Amp Would Go Good With 2 Kicker 15" L7's with Dual 4 Ohmsjuliob10
What amp would go good with 1 Alpine SWR-1242D?juliob11
Factory Amp???Justin Karr3
Digital designs 10" subsMuddy Waters15
2 or 4 channel?bassman32
Amp help pleasebassman36
Cheap realiable ampJustBlaze6
Kicker comp cvr12Tweaker2
What amp??Tweaker2
What amp??kyle bugg1
Amp goes into protect mode when i hook up RCAsJexx3
Qyestion A8000V.....????grant law9
RF P6002juliob3
Subsonic filter?bassman32
Thump t5406 request instructions.Chad4
Rockford fosgate helpChad3
Audiobahn juliob8
Kicker comp cvr12ty mutlow12
What should I do?????juliob3
These amps any good at all?Deuce Moore19
DIRECTED AUDIO D2400 vs Orion HCCA D2400juliob7
RF p2 12" or Kicker CVR 12"Smitty12
Someone help before I ground my amp to my headlance5
Amp Fuses? no fuse in amp?Jesse D12
2 amps....rca connect or no?Mike7
Need help wiringD-LOC4
help meJexx2
Wiring questionjuliob5
Slash series ampsJexx4
Amp for 15" AA Avalanche???Shane S9
Which amp to get?juliob6
Need an amp for a 06 kicker L7 2ohm subjuliob2
12" and 15"juliob5
System layout. Tell me what you thinkBrandon5
Hifonics XX ColossusJ@Yme46
Aahh help pleaseBrandon3
Audiobahn A8005DN Good For 2 10' Alpine Type S?grant law9
What does a factory amp push?Mike3
Amp for TSX 15Steven Norris5
New Diamond D3400.4 troublesgrant law5
???Overpowering Question???Jexx24
JL 300/2 enough power?Rick A4
Anyone have anything for sale????bulldogsm20082
Need Amp troubleshooting help?Thomas Cummings1
Inifinity Reference 611a worth 300 dollars????A-Hype6
Profile AP1000M, Has More Watts RMS Than ALPINE MRP-M450 BUT COST L...Optidriven15
Your Idea's On A Systemjuliob12
Quick questionjuliob3
Diamond Audio Amps...?juliob5
What's a good 1000w amp?juliob7
New Diamond D3400.4 troublesgrant law1
Need help on ohm for a 4ch ampIcePick5
Possible fix for HU Wine!Brandon5
Sql & spl juliob5
After market amp and subs installed, got some problems.[...Rovin...]7
Which amp to get?Mark S3
Another hifonics questionbassman316
Calibra ampantony5
Holy fu*k i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!juliob3
New ampNate So4
Kicker CVR 12" and ZX400.1 mono ampRobert E.11
Hifonics 1206 vs hifonics 1205juliob7
What 2500w RMS amps are out there?juliob24
Hifonics XX Goliath or Autotek MM 4000.1Djuliob30
What Amp To Buy - Please Helpjuliob6
Would this workJexx4
Protect Light on ampJexx2
What Amp To Buy - Please HelpJexx2
Cheap realiable ampBONES1
Wiring questionty mutlow3
Are these amps goodchance wade1
Box questionbassman32
ALT for Mercedes E-classjuliob5
What amp best suits my subsjuliob13
Question about Ampsjuliob5
Wiring questionNate So1
Help choosing ampjuliob3
Hifonics reliable?bassman322
Kicker 1200.1 drainin batteryjuliob11
Running a cap to my Ampjuliob7
For anyone that wants amp info on a lot of ampsjuliob6
Hifonics vs Soundstreamjuliob21
Questions needed to be answeredty mutlow11
Amp help?????????????????????__waYLoN____4
Problem rumbling__waYLoN____12
2 10" kicker l7... What amp should i get?__waYLoN____8
Which amp to power focal k2p's?bassman311
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