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What next?sly hippo1
Orion 2400d with L7's question need helpsteven dude rocko12
Whats the verdict on ArsenalsSiX19
Box for 2 Alpine Type R 12"sPimp7
ZED AUDIO !!!........Pimp9
Crazy Loud System!Pimp16
How do make this kind of boxPimp19
How would you compare the punch sub to the eclipse ti's.Pimp8
How can i tell if my sub is blowinPimp8
Best-sounding subs without high wattage...Pimp13
Sub "Pop"? shattered my rear windowPimp72
ECLIPSE sw9102 portedPimp9
Fat mat, edead, dynamatalteraudiousa13
Strapping an amp?Chad Lee3
Would 2 15" CVR's hit ~ 140 db in the front seat ?Chauncey Brown11
Would this work?bassfishing4
Amp for L7'ssteven dude rocko17
Planning a new system!!Casey Wood8
Off topic - question about External hard driveJoseph Lewis1
What is the loudest 1000 watt total RMS sub/s I can get for 250 buc...Josh9
Off topic.... rimsMitchell Stone2
Does any one know hoe to make little mpeg like these?FuKKSQL4
Kicker cvr's Mike Botello9
The truth about womenTerry64051
Did my amp ground itself with Pre-outs??lucas beckner2
Big problemjames shlong10
Amp sections dead so will ask here....Josh3
Mtx thunder 6000christopher harper7
Infinity kappa perft 12.1d vs ascendant audio assassin 12bassfishing1
How much louder would a kicker 15" L7 be vs a 15" L5?Colby24
Selling a custom box for a doge dakataTerry64051
Selling my 2 alpine type xTerry64059
Does any one know hoe to make little mpeg like these?ff1
I got a new car bassman311
Box sizeshane m1
Does anyone member the abc box with 2 6.5 tang bands?Trevor Eaton3
Wiring?shane m6
How are these subslucas beckner33
Md napalmsJarvoCop20
Is this a decant amp?Pimp6
I need it by friday ,,, pls helpWahl9
12" L7s $70!!!Anonymous2
Box helplil one1
Anything hit harder or as hard as the kicker l7Showrides16
WMDChauncey Brown3
Alpine type R David West2
Amp suggestions for new subjames shlong7
I need a new 8inch subjames shlong14
Only 13 wires needed to install alarmGlassWolf3
I have real problems!!!!!!!!Jake Davis9
Can someone design a box for me?Terry64055
Looking for a good sub complimentaryalteraudiousa9
First systemjames shlong14
What is the loudest 1000 watt sub I can get for 250 bucks or less??Mitchell Stone5
I think i finally decided. bassfishing2
Need Help Identifiying Amp!!Anonymous7
Alpine Type X or Kicker CVXChad Lee16
What happenedshane m3
Enclosure For 12 JL W7KLC6
How much its worthThomas E Miller4
Can Somebody Help Melucas beckner9
2 10w7 or 1 12w7Casey Wood2
What is louder 1 15" L7 or 1 15" CVR??Casey Wood2
Trunk bass portlucas beckner5
2 10w7 or 1 12w7Jason1
NO RATTLE lucas beckner8
Out Spare Tire In SQ SubwooferMark Gemina9
What would sound better/louder ??Terry640510
Recommenddougls j rowland3
My temp. system vs sum other dudesAnonymous6
How much does a full paint job cost?Pimp39
Mt vs sxS.P.D3
Do me a favor and look at these 2 amps Trevor Eaton5
Underpowering Subwoofersdougls j rowland10
Help sub wiring Novice question.Joey Ingle19
Funny forum[...Rovin...]3
Jl w7 ported with an epicenter will it workAnonymous3
Helllllppppp !!!! ascendant audio vs re audio[...Rovin...]11
RE price question. Mitchell Stone3
For those people from Novice to Expert who want a new systemMitchell Stone6
Excursion questionJames Longo8
Dvc subs can somewone explain?GlassWolf8
Parrallel ... Series Wiring ??GlassWolf2
Question, Class A/B, Class D...GlassWolf2
I almost cryed justin gholson4
Relays for remote turn on wires if you got more than 1 ampGlassWolf3
One 10W7 VS two 10CVXDontrell Harris4
Alpine type R[...Rovin...]8
Dvc or svcbernard3
Uninstall a system[...Rovin...]5
Should I?......'~DAYE£?~'.3
Cheap sub set upKLC17
Bass shakersColby2
CDT Audio CL-1215S4 is it a good sub?Colby7
How do DBs workColby3
Does any body think the new w3v3 jlaudio is anygoodTrevor Eaton16
BEST 10" Woofer?Trevor Eaton30
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